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4 Reasons Why Architects Love Aquor Hydrants

4 Reasons Why Architects Love Aquor Hydrants

Aquor's modern outdoor faucets are a favorite fixture among architects for many reasons. The hydrants are innovative, composed of high quality materials, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing. Old hose bibs simply don't belong on thoughtfully updated structures or new builds.

Innovative Design

Aquor hydrants use water pressure to seal rather than a screw and washer, mitigating wear and leaks. Access water with a simple push and twist, then turn off the water supply by unplugging the hose connector. The hydrant automatically seals, drains, and winterizes upon disconnection—every time. The flush, quick-connect faucet is subtle, blending in with the surface it's installed into. What's not to like?

Quality Construction

Precision-cast from 316L stainless steel, a marine-grade alloy, Aquor's hydrants are 7x better at insulating than traditional brass spigots. 316L grade austenitic stainless steel is a fantastic material for outdoor water faucets because in addition to providing incredible freeze protection, it also offers extreme corrosion-resistance, making the hydrant perfect for marine settings. Stainless steel is a durable material, easily lasting decades. 

It's one of the most sustainable building materials as well. Not only can stainless steel stand the test of time, it is also 100% recyclable and produces zero toxic byproducts during manufacturing. It’s safe for the environment, manufacturers, and consumers. Win win!

Not convinced yet? Aquor's hydrants are 100% lead-free and drinking-water safe too.

Aquor's hose connectors are composed of Delrin, a superior material, which happens to be plastic. Delrin, also known as acetal resin, is an engineered thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high wear resistance. Delrin is a popular industrial plastic due to its manufacturability and advantages over other plastics and metals. Aquor selected the heavy-duty plastic to create hose connectors based on its low friction nature, high wear resistance, and effectiveness in wet conditions. Aquor connectors can withstand 200+ pounds of lateral force, so they won’t break if you tug on them. This connector survived an encounter with an 8,000 pound forklift!

Considering all of Delrin's beneficial properties, it’s no surprise that manufacturers choose Delrin for various high-load mechanical applications. Here are examples of industrial uses for Delrin plastics:

  • Heavy load-bearing gears in vehicles
  • Fuel system elements
  • Valve and pump components for gas/oil
  • Safety restraints
  • Conveyor belt parts
  • Medical devices

Needless to say, we really put some thought into our hydrant's design and composition.

Effortless Operation

Forget threading on garden hoses every time you need water. Just plug in the hose connector, and water turns on automatically. Really that's it! Need more details? 

  • Simply secure your Aquor connector to any garden hose. Leave the connector attached for convenience. 
  • Align the 3 grooves on the connector with the nibs on the hydrant. Gently push in, then turn clockwise to connect. This opens the valve and water flow starts instantly.
  • Disconnect by pushing in and turning counterclockwise. Your hydrant will drain and winterize automatically. We recommend depressurizing your hose and storing out of the elements. 

Aquor connectors that include a ball valve offer flow control, making it easy to fill buckets, dog dishes, and watering cans. Even water balloons if you're planning on having extra outdoor fun!

Visually Appealing 

Yes, Aquor's hydrants are built to last and easy to use. They also look pretty nice too! The faucets sit flush with siding (decking and yard surfaces), plus, they're available in several finishes, making it possible to match the property's design. The base level slate gray polymer debris cover is a huge upgrade from typical protruding hose bibs, and Aquor's stainless steel covers elevate the aesthetic even more. Brushed stainless, matte black, matte white, and gold plated options are available for a truly luxe look.

Easily swap in different covers to switch up the hydrant's visual without uninstalling the hydrant. Now's the time to get yours... it just doesn't feel right to include outdated fixtures on a new or freshly renovated build.

Architects Who Use Aquor

Aquor hydrants have been included in a lot of cool projects! Raad StudioWill Bruder ArchitectsAbramson Architects, and Smpl Design Studio are just a few of many amazing partners. Thank you for the support!

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