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Can I install Aquor myself or do I need a plumber?

You can absolutely install Aquor yourself! It is a relatively simple DIY project. The installation process is very similar to that of a standard brass hose bib. Although, the exact process will depend on your home’s design and plumbing configuration. The Wall Hydrant has a universal 1/2” NPT rear inlet, so nearly any type of plumbing adapter can be fitted.

For an easy installation, check out our installation videos, written guides available on product pages, and installation tips on our blog.

If you have questions about installation give us a call at (800) 458-1749 Monday - Friday from 9AM - 4PM PST and a team member will be happy to help walk you through installation or email us at contact@aquorwatersystems.com. For tougher installations, use our PRO installer network to find a plumber near you who can help install your hydrant.

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