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Crafted for durability, our hydrants solve your leaky brass spigot woes.

A product shot of the Aquor House Hydrant internals. From left to right, the half inch NPT inlet, the operating rod, the hydrant body, our wide grip vb hose connector.
A product image display the wide grip vb hose connector and decorate blue circles highlight the backend of the hydrant where the half inch npt inlet disconnects from the hydrant and the operating rod inside the hydrant body.


Quick & Easy to Use

Enjoy leak-free water access with a simple push and twist. Gentle on hands and joints.

Frost-Free & Burst-Proof

Simply unplug the hose connector to automatically drain and winterize. No ugly foam covers or costly burst pipes.

Minimalist Design

Low-profile design with water security. Blends in with your home to maximize outdoor enjoyment.

Simple Installation and DIY-Friendly