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Replacing a leaky spigot?

We recommend our House Hydrant V1+.

Building a new home?

We suggest our House Hydrant V2+.

Want water access in your yard?

Go with our Ground Hydrant.

Installing on a vehicle?

Choose our RV City Water Inlet.

Installing on your boat?

Use our Marine Deckwash.

Need something versatile?

Our Universal Hydrant is the best do-it-all option.

Say hello to Aquor
and goodbye to leaky spigots.

Frost-free, leak-free, and easy to use.
Aquor's the only hose bib you’ll ever need.

  • Sustainable Materials
    Sustainable Materials
  • Automatic Winterization
    Automatic Winterization
  • Quick & Easy Use
    Quick & Easy Use
  • Low-Profile
  • Corrosion Resistant
    Corrosion Resistant
  • Lead-free

High quality materials built to last decades.

316L stainless steel is more sustainable, corrosion resistant, and provides better freeze protection than brass. Plus it’s 100% lead-free.

Easier to use than a traditional outdoor faucet.

Enjoy instant, leak-free water access without the struggle of threading a hose. Automatic winterization means no foam covers.

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