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Case Study: Will Bruder Architects Chose Aquor's Flush Hydrants for Narrow Driveway

Case Study: Will Bruder Architects Chose Aquor's Flush Hydrants for Narrow Driveway

Will Bruder Architects designed a modern townhome community near downtown Scottsdale, Arizona.


The structure includes garages and water access for the property, which is always a plus! However, standard spigots would protrude too far into the driveway, making it difficult for cars to maneuver around them in the tight space—bumping into hose bibs could cause costly damage to both vehicles and the building's plumbing. Not to mention, outdated faucets would simply look out of place on this sleek, new build. 


The solution was to install Aquor's flush-mount House Hydrants. These modernized outdoor faucets blend in with the structure's siding, mitigating snagging hazards. Plus, they match the townhome's aesthetic.

Additional Benefits 

Additional benefits include quality and ease of use. Marine-grade stainless steel is extremely durable, and the hydrant uses water pressure to seal rather than a screw and washer, significantly reducing wear and potential for leaks.

Access water with a simple push and twist, then turn off the water supply by unplugging the hose connector. No need to constantly thread hoses or turn a stubborn knob on and off. The connector acts as a key, so no one outside of the community can access the building's water. H2O is a precious resource in the desert after all!


Aquor's low-profile, quick-connect hydrants are a great solution for tight spaces as well as faucets located near the ground. Their modern look is reason enough to upgrade from traditional spigots, and the high-quality composition will last decades. 

Will Bruder Architects

Will Bruder's diverse range of impressive projects include single-family residences, townhomes, libraries, schools, museums, eateries, and even a car wash. The Portland, Oregon based firm's designs can be found in multiple states across the country. The generous window placement in this Scottsdale residence is amazing!


Aquor Water Systems

Aquor introduced its flush-mount, quick-connect Marine Deckwash to the market in 1999. After seeing success in the marine industry, the hydrant was then modified for use on homes. Aquor has continued to provide innovative outdoor faucets and strives to improve water access for homeowners, adventure vehicle buffs, boat enthusiasts, and businesses across the world.