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Protect Your Water Supply with Aquor's Outdoor Faucets

Protect Your Water Supply with Aquor's Outdoor Faucets

Homeowners and property managers alike often worry about uninvited guests tapping into their outdoor water supply. Water is a precious resource after all! Whether your little ones are drawn toward that enticing spigot handle, or your neighbor decides to use your water to wash their off-roading rig, Aquor has a solution to keep unwanted water users at bay. 

Hose Connector Key

Aquor's innovative quick-connect hydrants require a hose connector to access water. Without the connector, it's not possible to engage water flow. Many homeowners opt to keep the connector attached to their garden hose, so they don't have to worry about losing this key piece. Simply plug the connector into the flush-mount hydrant, much like an outlet, then water starts immediately. Unplug the connector and the hydrant automatically drains and winterizes, easy! 

The flush hydrants also prevent snagging and potential damage, making them ideal for tight spaces and high-traffic areas.

Superior Stainless Steel Hydrants

Aquor's stainless steel hydrants are composed of 316L marine-grade stainless steel, a durable, corrosion-resistant material that is 7x more frost-proof than brass. The hydrants are covered by a limited lifetime warranty, so purchasing replacement hose bibs won't be necessary anymore. 

Durable Acetal Polymer Connectors

The hose connectors are made from acetal polymer, an engineered thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high wear resistance. Medical devices, safety restraints, and heavy load-bearing gears in vehicles all take advantage of acetal polymers.

Aquor selected the heavy-duty plastic to create hose connectors based on its low friction nature, durability, and effectiveness in wet conditions. We put our system to the test by having a machine repeatedly plug and unplug our connector under pressure. Aquor connectors can last over 150,000 cycles and withstand 200+ pounds of lateral force—that's impressive!

A Brief Summary

Aquor's hydrants will protect your water supply and last for decades! The hydrants have a limited lifetime warranty, so you don't have to worry about your water, your new hose bib, or unsightly protruding spigots.