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Bathroom Upgrades, Big & Small

Bathroom Upgrades, Big & Small

Whether you’re revamping, remodeling, or building a new home, the bathroom is usually a space that receives a lot of attention, and rightfully so! A well-designed bathroom can make all the difference, especially when starting off your day or settling into your relaxing evening routine.

We have a variety of ideas to elevate your bathroom—both simple upgrades and more extensive projects. 

Freestanding Bathtubs


Stand-Alone Bathtub

The good ole alcove aka shower-tub combo can certainly get the job done, although a stand-alone tub will be more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Place a sleek, multipurpose stool adjacent if you need to rest your wine glass and novel within arm's reach. Notice how we didn’t mention phones… you’re welcome.

Shower Heads


Shower heads

For an extra luxurious experience (and options), install multiple shower heads. Consider their purposes and what makes the most sense for you. A rainfall shower is the classic dream shower option for overall experience, while hand-held nozzles can make hair washing, and cleaning the shower itself, a breeze. If you enjoy sharing shower time, no one will be left out in the cold waiting for their turn under the warm water. Icy shower folks, give your body a real wake-up call with water contact from multiple angles. Four shower heads not in the cards? Upgrading a single shower head is a simple place to start. Filtered shower heads have seen an increase in popularity and availability, claiming to improve both skin and hair health. 

Walk-in Showers


Walk-in shower

Bid grimy, dated shower curtains farewell, and opt for either a glass partial door or no door at all. The absence of a curtain will open up the space and improve light. Incorporate a ledge or built-in shelf for your cleansing products—leave the shower caddies for college dorms. A shower bench will provide a place to sit while shaving or waiting for that hair mask to work its magic. Concerned about privacy? Don’t be. Or strategically place some lush plants.




Add color and a sense of peace with plants! Many flora will appreciate the humidity and help clean the air. Weave vines across your countertop, place little pots on your windowsill, and arrange a large plant shower or toilet side for separation, if needed.

Toilet Privacy


Toilet privacy

Offset the toilet from the remaining bathroom amenities for a sense of privacy. The toilet doesn’t necessarily need its own enclosed room—we prefer utilizing partial walls, obscure glass, and greenery. Omitting a separate toilet room will open up the space and allow more light to brighten up the area. 

Lighting Options


Bathroom lighting

Take full advantage of natural light, if you can. Natural light is a mood booster, plus, it’s more flattering than harsh artificial lights. Utilize obscure glass to prevent your neighbors from getting an eyeful of your business. While natural light is hard to beat, include a variety of lighting options for darker hours and when you need more focus on grooming. Dim, ambient lighting is optimal for a relaxing tub soak, while brighter, more focused light is necessary for a thorough tweeze. 

No-slip Floors


No-slip floors

Shiny marble flooring can certainly look beautiful, but it can be deadly when wet. No, we’re not being dramatic! For the best overall experience, choose a stone with some texture. Too much texture may make the floor difficult to clean, so aim for the Goldilocks of options—just right. While rugs may sound appealing, stepping on sopping soft material gives us the ick. Instead, keep your feet warm with heated flooring for a true feeling of luxury. We won’t judge if you decide to lie on the ground from time to time.



Bathroom fireplace

Photo courtesy of Future PLC | Colin Poole

If you’re remodeling a current space, adding a fireplace may not be the most feasible. However, if you’re building a new home and have a generous budget plus square footage to work with, including a cozy fireplace can really add an extra element of appeal, especially during bathtime. Talk about immaculate relaxation vibes.

Heated Towel Racks


Heated towel rack

While we’re on the topic of warmth, including a heated towel rack in your bathroom is a relatively simple and inexpensive game changer. Throw a robe on there for a real post-cleanse treat. And no, not all towel warmers are ugly... some options resemble modern wall sculptures. Is the above simply a heater, or can it double as a towel warmer? We're not sure, but we're digging the vintage aesthetic. (Not trying to start any fires over here.)



Bathroom artwork

Afraid of choosing a paint color or wallpaper that you’ll get sick of in two years? Introduce color to a neutral bathroom with artwork. Art adds a sense of personality, plus, it’s easy to change out. Pick a theme or color scheme and stick with it.

Pleasant Scents


Pleasant bathroom scents

Nix the chemical-laden air fresheners and opt for candles, incense, and fresh flowers. These items will add to your bathroom's aesthetic, and amp up that feeling of luxury if you’re on a tight budget. Hanging wall vases is a lovely option if you’re short on counter space and want art with more dimension. 

Ample Counter Space


Bathroom counters

While pedestal sinks can save space and provide a vintage feel, the toilet doesn’t need to be fed fumbled makeup brushes (or toothbrushes, for that matter). Build out plenty of counter space so you don’t have to juggle your toiletries. We value bathroom counter space nearly as much as kitchen counter space, to put everything into perspective. Why cramp your style if you have the option?



Bathroom storage

Generous counter space usually means you’ll have plenty of storage beneath as well. Add extra shelving for your more aesthetically pleasing items if you’d like even more space. A stack of plush, folded bath towels, incense, bathtime novels, and cherished perfume bottles will fill up your shelving easily. Not a fan of open shelves? Add a door or utilize a chic free-standing cabinet, simple. 

Join Two Rooms


Big bathroom

Have an extra bedroom or office space adjacent to your current bathroom? Knock down a wall or two to make your bathroom a lot more spacious. Might as well install a disco ball to really get the party started. 

Strategic Mirror Placement


Bathroom mirror

We realize not everyone is ready to embrace the sledgehammer or the costs associated with a major reno. That’s where mirrors come into play. Both mirror size, shape, and placement are important. Mirrors can help reflect natural light, as well as make a room appear much more airy and sizable than it actually is. While individual vanity mirrors are popular at the moment, large, wall-to-wall or wall-to-ceiling mirrors are recommended for an increased sense of space and a more timeless look. You need the option to check out your entire fit after all.

Another Upgrade, Outdoors


Aquor House Hydrant

While your bathroom deserves attention, don’t forget the outside of your house! Replace your old, leaky spigots with Aquor’s sleek, frost-free House Hydrants. The hydrants are flush-mount, marine-grade stainless steel (with a variety of finish options), and they provide instant water access. Give your flowers a drink, rinse off your car and Fido, plus top off that hot tub in style and with ease. Goals.


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