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7 DIY Home Improvement Projects

7 DIY Home Improvement Projects

Now’s the perfect time to tackle those DIY home improvement projects that you’ve been putting off for the past year (or three).

Or, maybe you’re now just realizing that you no longer love that burgundy living room accent wall, your kitchen lighting hasn’t been in style since your parents were freshmen—in high school, and your brass hose bib has acquired a steady drip.

These seven simple, do-it-yourself projects will freshen up your living space and give you something productive and rewarding to work on while at home.   

Paint Interior Walls

Have those overly-cheery yellow walls been staring you in the face for too long? Grab your painter’s tape, the perfect brush, along with an old, oversized t-shirt and get to work. If you’re not sure what color to go with, neutrals like gray and white are safe selections that won’t go out of style five years from now. Matte paint is a popular interior wall option, as it’s easy to apply and covers wall imperfections better than other types of paint. For spaces that are susceptible to frequent splatter, matte enamel is a great choice, for it’s a breeze to wipe clean, mitigating the need for touchups.   

Paint Cabinets

Perhaps your bathroom cabinets are worse for wear, or your kitchen cupboards need revitalizing. Cover up those faded cabinets with a fresh coat of paint! Neutrals like black, gray, and white are a good place to start, but you can always choose to liven things up with a dusty blue or sage green shade. Labeling your doors (if removing), cleaning and prepping the wood, priming, and sanding in between each coat of paint are all necessary steps, so don’t try to cut corners here. Depending on the original color of the cabinets, you may need to paint on several layers to cover up darker hues. Remember to don old clothes and protect your counters and floor before cracking open that can of paint!

Install Shelves

Now everybody make some noise! It’s hammer time. Do you have some blank wall space at your disposal, and cute decorations that haven’t been given a permanent residence yet? Set aside a few hours to install new shelves. From mounted hexagons, to industrial pipe shelves, to modern floating shelves, there’s an option out there for just about any style and purpose. You’ll be able to display your diverse assortment of succulents and favorite novels for guests to peruse. Is this a valid excuse to add to your growing Glassybaby collection? Absolutely.

Update Lighting

There’s a reason why “mood lighting” exists. How a space is lit impacts the overall feel of the room. Maybe all you really need is to switch out a handful of lightbulbs. Go for brighter lights in the kitchen and bathrooms, and choose softer options for bedrooms and living areas, especially when there’s a television present. A dimmer will allow you to easily satisfy a variety of occasions and moods. Are your lighting fixtures themselves a blast from the past? Select new fixtures that fit the style of your home and serve as an accent to the overall design, rather than a bold statement aka distraction. Keep in mind how the lighting will age over time, opting for selections you won’t grow tired of in a couple years.

Swap Out Old Hardware

Have your drawer handles and door knobs seen better days? Update the entire look of a room by simply changing out tired hardware. Black and chrome options often suit modern homes, while brushed nickel and vintage glass knobs fit more traditional styles. Install one piece first and sit on your decision for a day or two if you’re not 100% sold on the new look. After making a final decision install the remaining hardware, step back and admire your good taste and handy work.

Replace Dated Bathroom Fixtures

Whether your current shower head makes you dread rather than enjoy sudsing up, or you’re just sick of your prehistoric bathroom fixtures, now is the time to revamp the loo. There are several faucet and shower head options available that provide adequate flow, while conserving water. Hello lower utilities bill! Be sure to shut the water off before making the swaps… no one appreciates a surprise spray to the face or preventable flood.

Upgrade Your Hose Bib

Why put up with leaky, visually unappealing hose bibs when you could install Aquor’s House Hydrants. It’s the easiest outdoor faucet system you’ll ever use. Sleek, innovative House Hydrants allow homeowners to access water in style and with ease. Not only are Aquor’s House Hydrants aesthetically pleasing, they are also composed of high-quality, durable materials that are built to last. The hydrants are leak-proof, frost-free, and lay flush against siding. The V1+ can be swapped in for your existing hose bib, similarly to any standard sillcock. Bye bye brass hose bibs.