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How to Make a Gallery Wall

How to Make a Gallery Wall

Want to spruce up a bare wall, or give a solo piece of art some company? Put together a gallery wall for elevated visual appeal. We'll help you out! 

What exactly is a gallery wall?

A gallery wall is the collection and arrangement of pieces of art on a wall. Gallery walls can vary tremendously, but they should all form a cohesive look. 

Gallery WallsSo, how do you make your own gallery wall?

Choose a theme

Start by choosing a theme. Either pick a particular color palate that will match the vibe of the room or a subject that calls to you. Have a cool-toned living room? Embrace a blue/green color scheme to extend the feel. Want to decorate a dining room wall? Choose pieces that feature fruit! If completely random is your style, simply go with your gut... it's your wall after all. 

Gallery Wall

Opt for a variety of sizes + orientations—different frames are okay!

The key to a truly interesting gallery wall is selecting a variety of pieces. Choose one to three larger pieces, depending on the size of your space, and utilize several smaller pieces to fill in the gaps. Both landscape and portrait orientations will add even more visual appeal. Different frames are not only okay but recommended! Black and gold frames always pair well together.

Gallery Wall

Include three-dimensional pieces for even more variety

Expand beyond 2D art. Hang a couple of wall vases for more dimension. Different shapes and shades are encouraged here as well. Fill your vases with fresh or faux flowers—a floral-scented gallery wall is always a plus!

Sketch it out 

Gather your pieces then sketch out a plan that makes sense to you. Start with the largest first, then build outwards. You can draw out several options before settling on the final version. We recommend distancing the larger pieces from each other for balance. Align a few pieces and place others (thoughtfully) at "random."

More visualization 

If you need help picturing (pun intended) your future gallery wall, lay your pieces out on the floor or a large surface, rearranging as you see fit before settling on a final look.

Planning art

Time to hang!

Referencing your sketch, utilize a tape measure and pencil to mark where you’re planning on securing the artwork to the wall. When hanging the pieces, a leveling tool always comes in handy. If you make a mistake, simply patch holes that won’t be covered and move on—fill holes with a little bit of spackle or putty using your finger. Easy! Now step back, and admire all of your creative, thoughtful handiwork. 

Hanging art

Art doesn’t have to be permanent. Swap in different pieces when the mood strikes. 

More theme inspiration

Water - shades of blue, waves, kelp, coral, fish

Garden - plants, produce, birds, bees

Your favorite city - maps, structures, parks, local cuisine

Architecture - homes, monuments, street views

Portraits - family, pets, artistic figures

Gallery Wall

Where to purchase 

There are millions of places to pick up new pieces to add to your collection. Here are a few ideas for both modest and generous budgets:

Artfinder - original works from artists around the world

West Elm - prints and textured wall art

Mixtiles - a step-by-step process for printing photos, or choosing prints and accompanying pieces plus frames

Drool - colorful and modern, aka the anti-boring

The Baltic Club - bright pieces at affordable prices

20x200 - a wide variety of art paired with info about each piece

Paper Collective - eco-friendly art with proceeds donated to charities of the artist's choosing

If you don't want to purchase art, utilize your own photographs, sketches, or your family members' doodles. The more personal and nostalgic, the better!