Universal Hydrant

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Universal Hydrant

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Flush-mounted stainless steel hydrant with hose connector.

Ideal for marine vessels, campers, RVs, overland vehicles, storage tanks, DIY applications, and more. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically. A reliable, leak-proof water outlet that can be used anywhere water access is needed—on land or sea.

Comparable to the 2″ Hydrant V1. Includes a heavy-duty swivel cover and straight connector.



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Offshore Toy
Excellent quick connect system

Great system

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Universal Hydrant require installation?

Can I install the outlet vertically?

How much clearance do I need for installation?

What else do I need for installation?

How does the outlet work?

Is the hose connector “plastic”? Will it break if I tug on it?

Will it provide freeze protection?

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