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New Product: 1/2″ PEX Inlets

New Product: 1/2″ PEX Inlets

The Aquor team has seen an increase in the use of PEX plumbing among partners and homeowners, so offering a PEX inlet was an obvious next step! The PEX inlets eliminate the need to pick up an adapter, saving the time and money required by an unnecessary trip to the store or a separate purchase.

Aquor’s new PEX inlets are available in straight and 90 degree elbow configurations. Simply fit the inlet to the end of your Aquor Hydrant for an easy 1/2″ PEX plumbing connection, achieving a permanent, air-tight pressure seal. Compatible with any cold-expansion F1960 1/2″ PEX tubing.

Start off by unscrewing the Hydrant’s included NPT rear inlet, then screw the PEX inlet into place—the elbow inlet can be positioned in any direction due to the unique O-ring seal. Tighten fully, then back off to desired placement (up to 360°, 1 rotation).

PEX Elbow Inlet attached to the Hydrant.


Hand-tight is perfectly fine, even at high water pressure. 

Use a PEX expansion tool to expand the tubing before fitting it onto the inlet, following the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines. PEX Elbow Inlet connected to PEX tubing.


If possible, use an expansion loop of PEX for easy plumbing maintenance down the road.

Wait ten minutes for the PEX joint to shrink down and set before turning on the water to check for leaks and testing the Hydrant operation.

The PEX inlets are compatible with all Aquor hydrants and outlets (including marine and RV valves), but not the Ground Hydrant or Hot+Cold Hydrant.

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