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Aquor's Hot+Cold Hydrant is Here!

Aquor's Hot+Cold Hydrant is Here!

Hot. Cold. And everything in between.

Aquor's long-awaited Hot+Cold Hydrant is an essential tool for staying comfortable and clean all year round. Use it to wash your car, give your dog a bath, or set up an outdoor shower. Enjoy reliable, high-quality materials, ergonomic controls, and access to tempered water right in your own yard or driveway!

Aquor Hot+Cold Hydrant

A few key features include:

  • Single-dial temperature control
  • Year-round water access (this is the extra exciting part)
  • Easy front serviceability

    Not convinced yet? Read a little more...

    Aquor Hot+Cold Hydrant

    Hot & Cold

    Enjoy instant access to hot and cold water all year long. No need to freeze in winter! Unless you're into that—cold plunges are all the rage now. P.S. You can keep the temperature exactly where you want it when turning the water on and off.

    Aquor Hot+Cold HydrantErgonomic Controls

    The temperature control knob is optimally sized for effortless operation. Plus, there's a little tab you can push to adjust the temperature as well. We love options! 

    Aquor Hot+Cold Hydrant


    Heavy-duty 316L stainless steel and acetal resin will provide decades of use. The marine-grade stainless steel body offers superior freeze and corrosion protection for cold climates and coastal regions, plus the ceramic mixing cartridge has been tested to last 500,000+ cycles. The hose connector is tested for 150,000+ cycles of use, and is crush-proof up to 200+ pounds. Now that's impressive!


    Unlike bulky competitors, Aquor's sleek design helps maintain a low profile. Why are people still putting outdated hose bibs on their homes? 

    Aquor Hot+Cold Hydrant

    Instant & Reliable 

    Push and twist for instant water access. Just like Aquor's other hydrants, the Hot+Cold is leak-proof and freeze-resistant. The hydrant self-drains upon disconnection to winterize. Always make sure your home is well-insulated and heated during the cold months!


    • 1x Hydrant with plug cover
    • 1x Comfort Grip Hose Connector, slate gray
    • Installation hardware

    Some measurements:

    Aquor Hot+Cold Hydrant