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New! Sage Green Ultralight Garden Hoses

New! Sage Green Ultralight Garden Hoses

Aquor's sleek Ultralight Garden Hoses are now available in sage green!

Easy to use and made to last. Our high-performance lightweight garden hoses are the perfect sidekick to your House Hydrant. High-tech polyurethane is 75% lighter than traditional rubber at just 1.8 pounds, yet it's more durable and kink-free. Their superior flexibility make them exceptionally easy to engage with the Aquor twist-lock connection. Plus, they look pretty nice too.

Aquor black garden hose connecting

Our garden hoses are made in the USA and meet standards for potable water. They are unlike hoses from retail big-box hardware stores, which are composed of recycled rubber or polyvinyl chloride, so feel free to take a thirst-quenching sip! 

Aquor sage green ultralight garden hose

Available in 6', 25', 50' and 100' lengths.

Aquor black ultralight garden hose

Shop sage green and black hoses.