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Aquor Enters Washington State Home Depot Stores

Aquor Enters Washington State Home Depot Stores

Guess what?! Aquor is officially available for purchase in Washington state Home Depot stores!

"When we founded Aquor, Home Depot was our north star for a business partnership. The reception from our local Home Depot teams has been amazing. They have been engaged and eager to have a new product, and we feel confident that they will be representing our brand well," says cofounder Cash Walcome. 

We couldn't be more excited to continue to grow as a company and improve outdoor water access for homeowners across the country (and around the world). We truly appreciate all of your support and are looking forward to seeing our hydrants in more Home Depots.

Aquor House Hydrant V1+ with Comfort Grip Hose ConnectorStop in today to pick up a 4" or 8" House Hydrant V1+. Our Comfort Grip Hose Connector also snagged a spot on Home Depot shelves.

Do you live in Washington? Find an Aquor-stocked Home Depot near you. 

A little more about Aquor

Aquor’s innovative outdoor faucets allow homeowners to access water in style and with ease. The aesthetically pleasing hydrants are frost-free and lay flush against siding—simply plug and go.

According to the EPA, a faucet dripping once per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water annually. The Aquor House Hydrant is not only the first leakproof outdoor faucet, but also the first modernized hose bib introduced into the home building market. 

Aquor eliminates concerns about freezing pipes near outdoor water access points. As soon as the House Hydrant is disconnected, the outlet automatically seals, drains, and winterizes. Aquor's stainless steel construction prevents heat loss, protecting pipes at temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

The House Hydrant V1+

The efficient House Hydrant V1+ includes a vacuum breaker hose connector, providing code-approved backflow prevention. This model is ideal for new construction as well as retrofits, due to its round entry hole and simple installation. The V1+ hydrant body and internals are composed of marine-grade 316L stainless steel, a lead-free material. It is available in multiple lengths to match wall depth and includes a slate gray thermoplastic debris cover with the option to swap in a brushed stainless, matte black, or matte white cover. 

Aquor Washington State Home Depot