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Gold Plated House Hydrant V1+

Quick connect House Hydrant with external vacuum breaker. Recommended for replacing your existing spigot. Freeze-proof. ASSE and CSA certified. Each kit includes one hose connector and stainless steel debris cover.


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An outdoor faucet you'll actually enjoy using.


Leak-Free, Easy to Use

Enjoy leak-free water access with a simple push and twist. Gentle on hands and joints.

Burst-Proof Winter

Simply unplug the hose connector to drain and winterize. No ugly foam covers or costly burst pipes.

Sustainable, Lead-Free Materials

Manufactured from non-toxic, corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel and military-grade polymers.

Elevate Your Outdoor Water Access

Stop wasting time and energy threading hoses when you want water. Upgrade to Aquor for immediate water access with a simple push and twist. Disconnect just as easily to drain and winterize. Our innovative system has a unique valve design that seals using water pressure, ensuring maintenance-free use for 20+ years.

Backflow Protection

Leak-Free Quick Connect

Tested for 150,000+ Cycles of Use

Simple Installation and DIY-Friendly

Aquor seamlessly complements any siding type. Whether you prefer to DIY or opt for a professional install, setting up your hydrant is easy.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3

1: Attach Aquor Connector

Securely attach an Aquor connector to any garden hose. Leave connected for convenience!

2: Connect to Hydrant

Align the 3 grooves on the connector with the nibs on the hydrant. Gently push in, then turn clockwise to connect. This opens the valve, and water flow starts instantly. Positionable in multiple directions.

3: Disconnect from Hydrant

Disconnect by pushing in and turning counterclockwise. Your hydrant will drain and winterize automatically. We recommend depressurizing your hose and storing out of the elements.

Make Sure You Have the Hydrant That’s Right For You

  • Model
  • Use case
  • Backflow protection
  • Avail. lengths
  • Entry hole
  • Included items
  • Certifications
    • Current Product
      A side angled product shot of the Gold Plated House Hydrant V1+ and the Wide Grip VB Hose Connector.

      Gold Plated House Hydrant V1+

    • Retrofit
    • Vacuum breaker in hose connector
    • 2”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”
    • 1 - 1/2"
    • Hydrant, Debris Cover, Wide Grip Hose Connector
    • ASSE 1019C, ASME A112.18.1, CSA B125.1, AS3718
    • A side angled product shot of the Slate Gray House hydrant V2+ and the straight hose connector.

      Slate Gray Polymer House Hydrant V2+

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    • New Construction
    • Vacuum breaker in faceplate
    • 2”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”
    • 3 x 1 - 1/2"
    • Hydrant, Debris Cover, Straight Hose Connector
    • ASSE 1019-A, ASME A112.18.1, CSA B125.1, meets IAPMO/cUPC, AS3718
    • An angled side view of the Aquor Hot and Cold Hydrant pictured with the Comfort Grip VB Hose Connector.

      Hot+Cold Hydrant

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    • Hot and Cold Water
    • Vacuum breaker in hose connector
    • 6”
    • 3 - 1/2"
    • Hydrant, Plug Cover, Comfort Grip Hose Connector
    • ASSE 1019-A, ASME A112.18.1, CSA B125.1
    • A side angled product shot of the universal hydrant and the straight hose connector.

      Universal Hydrant

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    • Deck, Fence Post, Unique Applications
    • Check valve in hose connector
    • 2"
    • 1 - 1/2"
    • Hydrant, Swivel Cover, Straight Hose Connector
    • None

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Dale Nemec
Very convenient and works exactly as shown

This hydrant is the outdoor faucet system you didn't know you needed until you get it installed and start using it.

Installation (for me) was medium-difficult due to the way my 2x4 garage wall was constructed nearly 30 years ago. With the shortest stem length and the 90 degree adapter, I was able to make this work while also adding a standard faucet outlet to the inside of my garage.

Highly recommended if you are looking for a leak-free faucet with awesome looks!

V1+ with Trim Plate in Black Stainless (brick install)

I have had 2 hose bibs bust in the same location during cold temperatures and am hoping that I will never have to change this hose bib out again. Having read reviews of the Aquor hose bibs, I am very hopeful! I am very happy with the installation. It went quite well. I recommend the 1/2” PEX Expansion 90° Elbow Inlet. You can rotate the elbow up to 360 degrees in order to line-up the elbow with the incoming water line. I did the install recently but have been using it with my 4 GPM pressure washer with no issues. I would not do an install without the trim plate either. The holes for attaching the hose bib to the brick are close to the 1 1/2" hole, which could cause break-out. The 4 holes for the trim plate are spaced far enough apart that there is no risk of this happening.

John McGehee
Austin Texas Winter Snowpocalypse Freeze Protection

We built a new house in the hill country outside of Austin 6 years ago and all 4 of the outside hose bibs have frozen over literally every winter since, despite being covered with premium Styrofoam faucet covers. As an engineer I know that one or more of the faucets will burst at some point, which would no doubt drain our 31K gallon rainwater collection tank before we could act to contain it. Colie Curry at Hill Country Plumbing in Wimberly TX introduced me to the Aquor line of products and I knew in an instant that this was the perfect solution to our problem! It only took him about an hour to replace all 4 faucets and operation has been flawless ever since. And last but not least, the flush mount looks so much better and more modern than an ugly hose bib sticking out of your house!!

Gary Woodham
Great product.

Eliminates unsightly hose bibs. Have used in upscale homes as a normal practice. Quality is excellent and withstands corrosion in salt water environment. Numerous positive comments.


Easy to install, easy to use, sturdy materials. Makes for a much cleaner look! This needs to be the new standard for houses!