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Project Highlights: Tiny Living Living Large RV City Water Inlet Install

Project Highlights: Tiny Living Living Large RV City Water Inlet Install

Julia and Robert installed an Aquor RV City Water Inlet on their truck for easy water access while on the road. The Aquor install provides water to refill their new custom tiny home.  

The People

Julia and Robert, originally from Portugal and Sweden respectively, are embarking on a new adventure from the northeast US. As empty nesters, they are ready to explore the country in search of a new place to call home. Rather than visiting potential locations while lodging in hotels, they wanted to experience each community to the fullest. Julia and Robert


Tiny Living Living Large is about Julia’s and Robert’s journey building a unique tiny house on wheels that will allow them to experience and explore the country while off grid. Their new tiny is around 300 sq ft, yet loaded with innovative modern state of the art amenities to create a comfortable place they can call home.

The Project

Julia and Robert installed an Aquor Water Systems dispenser on the rear panel by the RV connections and have the fill valve on top, which is gravity fed. A simple pump does the rest. The tank and the fittings went in well along with the Aquor connection. Here it is on the back of the truck alongside the trailer and camera connectors.

The Aquor RV City Water Inlet is located directly to the left of the license plate.


Filling the tiny home from the truck works like a charm—having an extra 50 gallon water tank to refill the tiny is both easy and convenient.

Filling the tiny with water from the truck via the Aquor RV City Water Inlet.


The Product

The stainless steel Aquor RV City Water Inlet includes a durable hose connector and plug cover. It can be used as an inlet or outlet, and mounted horizontally or vertically. The RV City Water Inlet is a reliable, leak-proof hose connection that can be used with pressurized water and can be adapted as a non-pressurized gravity fill as well. It’s perfect for a tank-fill or to hook up to city/shore water connections.

The RV City Water Inlet is ideal for campers, RVs, overland vehicles, storage tanks, and DIY applications.


Get a tour of the beautiful tiny home.  

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