House Hydrant V2+ Matte Black Stainless

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House Hydrant V2+ Matte Black Stainless

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House Hydrant with vacuum breaker. Recommended for new construction. Can be retrofitted. Freeze-proof and ASSE certified for all 50 states. Each kit includes one straight hose connector.

Available in Slate Gray Polymer and Brushed Stainless Steel

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Customer Reviews

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V2 + Matte Black Hydrant

So sleek and sharp looking that we are going to mount a couple of them side by side one for hot water and one for cold water. Having hot water at the tap will be a nice upgrade for washing things off.

There are no words, just that I am very pleased. And customer service was outstanding.

If you have rudimentary DIY skills, you can install this yourself. Even if you do not do it yourself, you will be pleased. It looks clean, modern, and its low profile when the connector is removed avoids the unsightly protrusion of a traditional bib from the side of the house. The connector is easily inserted for instant water, easier turning a valve handle. If you want to connect a hose to the connector you can, so that you only have to insert the connector to get water through the hose. The black finish on a dark-sided house gives it a subtle appearance so it does not jump out at you when you look at the house.

BUT MOST IMPORTANT!!! The customer service was great. Every issue I communicated by email was addressed in less than an hour. A product exchange was necessary when I ordered an incorrect item; the process was fast and painless. I was treated like a friend and with a genuine concern for supporting me in the process. It was the best, most personable customer service I have experienced from a company supporting home improvement.

Something New and Different

Our old twist hydrants leak, and it gets annoying scraping your knuckles up to get hoses connected. We are excited to try out this new system. It will look sharp on the house and is very sleek. Could not be simpler to use. I'm also excited to see how the water volume output compares to an old hydrant because I added the optional 3/4" inlets for more volume.

Max Meyer
Well made

I haven’t installed it yet but the quality is on matched. Can’t wait to use it next summer here in Iowa.


Excellent product. Great service

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