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Project Highlights: Welcome to the Woods V1+ Retrofit in Minnesota

Project Highlights: Welcome to the Woods V1+ Retrofit in Minnesota

Melissa of Welcome to the Woods installed a Stainless Aquor Water Systems V1+ in Avon, Minnesota, while pregnant!

She easily swapped out the existing spigot for a clean Aquor retrofit.

Time for an outdoor faucet upgrade!    Prepping to take out the old hose bib by removing caulking.  The relevant plumbing is located behind this vent!   There’s the waterline.   Always remember to turn off the water before removing the old spigot.   Draining out excess water.   Loosening the connection between the old hose bib and plumbing.   Pushing out the disconnected hose bib.   Widening the entry hole for the Aquor Hydrant.   Using a 1 1/2-inch hole saw.   Pre-drilling the holes with the included Hydrant template as a guide. Wrapping teflon tape around the fitting.   Securing the fittings with pipe thread sealant.   Attaching the prepared fittings to the backend of the Hydrant.   Time to connect the Hydrant to the copper plumbing.   Placing the Hydrant cover behind the Hydrant faceplate.   Screwing the cover and Hydrant into place.   Sleek and unique.   Plugging in the removable faucet hose connector.   Instant water access!  


View Melissa’s install video here.

See what Melissa is up to on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Ta-da!