House Hydrant V2+ Slate Gray Polymer

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House Hydrant V2+ Slate Gray Polymer

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House Hydrant with vacuum breaker. Recommended for new construction. Can be retrofitted. Freeze-proof and ASSE certified for all 50 states. Each kit includes one straight hose connector.

Available in Brushed Stainless Steel and Matte Black Stainless Steel.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jeff Moberley
I have purchased and installed four of these now. Love them!

These hydrants are extremely well made. Love the fact there is no packing or turning handle that will leak over time. I’ve installed all four myself so not beyond the skills of a decent do-it-yourself homeowner.

Would I Buy this Aquor V-2+ Again?

The Aquor House Hydrant V2+ is a heavy gauge, stainless, with perfectly fitting and working o-rings. Gentle twisting of the inside connector tube just to the stop and you’re ready to connect to your piping. The connection to your plumbing could be as simple as threading on, or you may have to add a fitting to your piping. A word to the wise; purchase stainless teflon tape not the regular white or blue. It’s best not to use galvanized fittings if you have a copper line. And you may want to add a 1/4 turn stop valve, to prevent water from spraying when you twist the hose connector in. You’ll get the hang of twisting on the outside hose connector. It only took me twice.

I recommended this to family members already. Currently Aquor is offering 10% off next purchase and a free hose connector for an honest review. Register right away and I recommend purchasing the Aquor Wide Grip Hose Connector just in case the one that accompanies the hydrant (Aquor V2+) ever were to break. I don’t think it will, as it is also stout, but I won’t take the chance.

Christian Clark
I’ll never go back

I got my first Aquor faucet when I got tired of replacing “frost-free” hose bibs almost every year. After installing the first Aquor I was actually looking forward to the other two hose bibs failing. Fast forward two years and I just replaced my last hose bib with an Aquor. I’ll never use anything else, they’re so easy to use and so reliable. I’ll never again have the dread of cracking open a hose bib for the first time in the spring and watching the vacuum breaker leak water everywhere. Install pictures show the custom mounting block I made out of PVC trim.

Gisele Iafrate
Highly recommend

We are new construction and we had no problem installing. It looks beautiful and works great. The material is good quality. Would definitely recommend!

Great product and unbelievable customer service

So I don't know if you're looking at this product because of the solution of looking clean or because of how well it works. But regardless if there's any products out there that you can consider competition consider this brand because of their customer service. I own four and head an issue with a product that I believe my installer damaged and they covered it. Great customer service will recommend and buy in the future

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