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Project Highlights: Silver Cymbal V2+ Retrofit Install in Massachusetts

Project Highlights: Silver Cymbal V2+ Retrofit Install in Massachusetts

Silver Cymbal installed an Aquor Water Systems V2+ on his friend’s Massachusetts home for an outdoor water access upgrade.

They retrofitted the white V2+ on the garage, easily connecting the new hose bib to the existing PEX plumbing.


Ready for an upgrade.

First they turned off the water to the house.


Turning off the water.


Then they unscrewed the spigot from the exterior of the house.


Unscrewing the old spigot.


They cut the PEX plumbing with plastic pipe cutters before pulling the old sillcock out.


Cutting the PEX plumbing with plastic pipe cutters.

Removing the old hose bib.


Next, they stuck the included template onto the siding to serve as a guide for cutting the V2+ entry hole with a hole saw.


The included template.


Cutting the V2+ entry hole with a hole saw.


They used an oscillating saw to cut the rest of the hole.


Using an oscillating saw to complete the entry hole.


Then they attached an adapter to the end of the Hydrant so that the Hydrant could connect to the PEX plumbing.


The barbed fitting and V2+ Hydrant.


Securing the barbed fitting onto the end of the Hydrant.


They placed the Hydrant cover behind the faceplate, then screwed the Hydrant into place.


Screwing the Hydrant in place.


After securing the Hydrant, they cut the PEX plumbing to the correct length then simply slid the PEX over the barbed fitting attached to the Hydrant end.


Cutting the PEX to fit.


They slid a stainless steel crimp ring onto the PEX then used a crimping tool to squeeze it tight.


Connecting the PEX to the Hydrant.


Using a crimp tool to complete the plumbing connection.


The plumbing connection is complete!


After turning the water back on, they checked for leaks.
Everything was looking good, so they caulked around the Hydrant to seal it up on the outside—caulking may not be necessary for installs on flat surfaces.


Caulking to seal up the Hydrant.


That matte white stainless steel cover is looking sleek!


Flush-mount white V2+.


The new V2+ is ready to be put to use.


View Silver Cymbal’s Hydrant install video here.

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The V2+ in action.