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Project Highlights: Puget Sound Sanctuary

Project Highlights: Puget Sound Sanctuary

John and Suzanne Pitts crafted their 32nd home in Port Townsend, Washington, returning to a contemporary style after living in a diverse collection of dwellings, including a nonconventional boat and a travel-ready “rockstar bus.”

John, a retired custom home builder, strove to design a space with a clean aesthetic, while Suzanne stressed the importance of a minimalistic approach, avoiding the accumulation of “more stuff.”

Suzanne’s love for horticulture drove her to focus on building the inviting garden, setting the tone for the living space, both inside and out.

Her colorful garden induces feelings of joy–the local deer are even keen on Suzanne’s hard work.

The Pitts installed a traditional sprinkler to deter the ever hungry mammals, which ended up leaking, they admit between chuckles.

Despite the deer’s interest in the bountiful snacks residing just outside the Pitts’s door, the garden has been flourishing in part due to Suzanne’s green thumb as well as Aquor Water Systems’s convenient House Hydrants.

Beautiful cedar shingles give way to a low-profile mounting block and House Hydrant V2.


The Pitts use their system several times a day during peak watering season, and Suzanne is able to tend to the garden independently of John, who can be found enjoying a cold beer instead of assisting his wife with operating an often stubborn brass hose bib.

The design of the system caught John’s eye because it reminded him of simple plug and go hose connections from his childhood.

Corrugated steel siding pairs well with the sleek House Hydrant V2. The black mounting block and gray hydrant cover blend in with ease.


Both John and Suzanne are happy with the House Hydrant’s “simplicity of operation” as well as the sleek aesthetic. Suzanne can easily hydrate her garden thanks to quick water access and the avoidance of dragging a heavy, cumbersome hose through fragile plants.  

The inconspicuous, convenient Ground Hydrant provides easy water access.


Not only is the House Hydrant easy to use and discrete in appearance, the water system is leak proof as well as freeze resistant once the connector is disengaged. Cool Pacific Northwest winters necessitate winterizing measures and Aquor’s modern outside faucet ensures pipe protection.

The House Hydrant is perfect for outdoor spas and pool decks. Simply plug in the hose, top off as needed, then unplug and go.


The couple would recommend Aquor’s House Hydrant to homeowners as well as builders, who can incorporate the visually appealing and efficient system into homes and developments from the get go.


View the Pitts’s interview, and take a peek at their vibrant garden.