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Project Highlights: Bring Your Own Tools House Hydrant V1+ Retrofit Install in Seattle

Project Highlights: Bring Your Own Tools House Hydrant V1+ Retrofit Install in Seattle

Brent, the creator of Bring Your Own Tools YouTube channel and blog, set about replacing his old hose bib with a sleek Aquor Water Systems House Hydrant V1+.

He was able to swap out the traditional spigot on his Shoreline, Washington home for an easy retrofit project.

No solder is required for the Hydrant install, making the process a simple DIY upgrade!

Before installing the new Hydrant, Brent made sure to turn the water off via the shutoff valve to the house.

He then drained out all of the excess water by simply turning the knob of his old hose bib counterclockwise.

Brent used an autocut pipe cutter to cut his copper pipe leading to the hose bib.

After the plumbing was cut, Brent removed the screws fastening the old hose bib to his home’s exterior siding, then completely removed the entire unit by pulling it out of the wall.

Next, Brent needed to widen the hose bib entry hole for the new Hydrant.

In order to stabilize a hole saw for easier cutting, he drilled a hole into a scrap piece of wood using the hole saw.

The wood template helped position the hole saw over the hole in the siding, helping to steady the hole saw so he could drill the desired opening for the hose bib.

Brent used a SharkBite, or push-to-connect fitting, to connect the backside of the Hydrant to his plumbing.

He applied plumber’s tape to the threaded side of the fitting then secured it to the Hydrant.

Brent returned to the outside of his home, positioned the included paper Hydrant template over the hose bib entry hole, marked the holes, then drilled pilot holes.

He then drilled the Hydrant into place.

It was finally time to connect his existing copper plumbing to the Hydrant (fitted with the push-to-connect fitting) with a couple lengths of flexible PEX plumbing and more user-friendly push-to-connect fittings.

Brent turned his water back on, checked for leaks, and tested out his shiny, new frost-free House Hydrant.

Complete House Hydrant V1+ retrofit install.


“Bring Your Own Tools (aka BYOT) is all about building and being creative. Through my years in the construction field and having my own art business I have acquired a Can-Build attitude and a unique set of skills. Through this channel I hope to inspire my audience to create and show that there is a fun way to learn how to build.” -Brent  Brent’s newly installed Hydrant is ready for some action.


View Brent’s House Hydrant install video here.

Explore the BYOT blog, and see what Brent is up to on Instagram.   Stella approves of the new water system.