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Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Elevate Your Outdoor Space

The sun’s rays caress new growth and warm the rich soil. Twittering birds are happily chirping as bumble bees float from blossom to blossom. Spring has finally arrived!

Now that it’s becoming more pleasant to linger outside, make the most of your space with these easy upgrades.

Brighten up your garden with colorful flowers.


Plant Colorful, Fragrant Flowers

Make your garden a more vibrant, lively place! Bustling bees and delicate hummingbirds alike will appreciate the sweet nectar, and you’ll enjoy the floral scents paired with the sight of your thriving outdoor space. Snip a few extra buds and arrange the young flowers in a vase for you to savor indoors. Don’t have much space? Select a couple pots and plant your new flower family near your front door or on a deck.

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Grow Fresh Produce

It’s hard to beat sauntering barefoot across your freshly mown lawn to pluck a handful of juicy, deep red strawberries for prompt snacking. Not only is a garden filled with fresh fruits and vegetables visually impressive, your harvest will taste much more flavorful than the average grocery store haul. Feeling the earth between your fingers and seeing the growing process out from start to finish is a meditative and relaxing experience. Growing food may seem daunting at first, but with a little research and effort, you can have a prosperous garden of your very own.

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Get Easy Water Access

Aquor’s House Hydrants make outdoor water access a snap.


Your new garden is going to need routine hydration throughout the spring and summer. Swap out your old, leaky hose bib for a modern outdoor faucet. Aquor’s House Hydrants allow homeowners to access water in style and with ease. Simply twist to connect for instant water. Your current garden hose will do just fine, although Aquor does offer Ultralight Garden Hoses, which are a breeze to coil up and relocate. Don’t have much of a green thumb? Wash your car from home and hose down a muddy Fido, or fuel a fun water gun “fight.” Quickly top your pool or hot tub off before taking a dip. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Learn how to install the House Hydrant V1.

Add a Water Feature

There’s something incredibly relaxing about slowly closing your eyes and focusing on the sound of a bubbling brook, or the steady flow of a lazy river. Some of us might be so lucky as to reside adjacent to a natural water source, although others can obtain a similar effect by acquiring a man-made water feature. From modest fountains to full on waterfalls, there’s an option for just about any space and budget. Start small—you can always upgrade later for a more enchanting experience.

Invite Cheery Birds

Uplifting bird song is synonymous with the end of winter and the beginning of longer, brighter days. Invite more feathered friends to your home with the addition of a bird feeder or two. You might discover a new variety! Many birds enjoy seeds, and some might even be able to find natural sustenance within your yard. But be wary of hungry squirrels. Dissuade the nimble climbers by selecting a feeder that is out of reach or simply inaccessible.

Set up a Cozy Fire Pit

Add warmth to your patio or yard with a cozy fire pit.


Why head in early when you can enjoy the outdoors well into the evening? A crackling outdoor fire will keep you and your guests warm and the party going. A fire serves as a centerpiece that will encourage both fun stories and deep conversations. Plus, now you can enjoy perfectly toasted s’mores from the comfort of your own backyard. (Pro tip: swap in a chocolate peanut butter cup for that plain bar of chocolate.) Oh, and did we mention red wine pairs well with gooey marshmallow treats? You’re welcome.

Choose Comfortable Seating

Relax and enjoy the great outdoors while reclined in a comfortable chair.


Just sit back and relax… no really! Investing in comfortable, high-quality furniture will surely make the great outdoors more appealing. You might even have trouble removing yourself from the plush embrace of an oversized lounge chair when it’s time to retreat to the kitchen for dinner. And how can you say no to another location that encourages marathon murder mystery binges? (Of the written variety of course.) Even if you’re not a reader, you’ll have to claim your new favorite napping spot before the neighbor’s cat does first.

Place a Convenient Ice Tub within Reach

Since you’ll be lounging on your outdoor furniture for hours on end, you might as well locate an ice tub filled with refreshing beverages nearby. Cut down on trips back inside by stocking up on waters, fresh juices, bottles of your favorite beer, and sparkling rosé. Whether you’re hosting a summer fête or simply quenching your own thirst, having cold drinks on hand will make your outdoor experience that much more enjoyable.

Install Path Lighting

Light up your paths for easy trips to and from your home after the sun sets.


No need to stumble along blindly in the dark when you can stroll confidently from the hot tub, to the crackling fire pit, to your prosperous blueberry bush for a midnight snack. Set up lighting to clearly mark the walkways surrounding your home. Whether you’re wanting your new sources of illumination to blend in with the surrounding landscape or make a modern statement, there are numerous energy-efficient options at your disposal. Flashlights are easy to misplace, and should be relegated to ghost stories and late nigh dog walks anyway.

Since you’re on a roll outside, you might as well upgrade the interior of your home as well.