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Can Your Plumber Install Aquor House Hydrants?

Can Your Plumber Install Aquor House Hydrants?

Looking to upgrade your hose bib? Aquor’s sleek House Hydrant is an obvious choice. If a DIY project isn’t currently in the cards, let’s determine if your plumber is prepared to help out.

First, let’s talk Hydrant options.

Aquor’s House Hydrant V1 and V1+ can easily be swapped in for your existing hose bib and installed similarly to a standard sillcock.

The V2+ is recommended for new builds due to it’s larger, oblong entry hole, although it can be installed on your current home as well.

Questions to ask your plumber to determine if they can install the Aquor House Hydrant:

1. Can you replace an outdoor spigot with the waterline attached “in-wall”?

Note: A sillcock is a system where the water shutoff is at the rear valve, and the plumber might need to open up the interior or exterior wall.

2. Do you carry 1/2″ male fittings on your trucks? or Do your service technicians carry 1/2″ male threaded adapters to connect to a waterline?

Note: A 1/2″ male fitting is needed to connect the Hydrant to your plumbing.

Want more install info?

See a House Hydrant V1 retrofit install video and steps.

View This Old House’s V1 retrofit install video.