10 Essential Outdoor Gifts for the Modern Home

10 Essential Outdoor Gifts for the Modern Home

Deciding what to gift is not always easy—that’s why we’ve rounded up these cool yet functional outdoor products that homeowners will actually enjoy using.


Outdoor Water Faucet Upgrade


Say goodbye to ugly brass hose bibs, Aquor's innovative House Hydrants allow homeowners to access water in style and with ease. Not only are Aquor’s Hydrants aesthetically pleasing, they are also composed of high-quality, durable materials that are built to last. The Hydrants are leak-proof, frost-free, and lay flush against siding. Simply plug in your garden hose fitted with the included connector to start water flow.


Contemporary Watering Can


Umbra Contemporary Watering Can

The Stainless Steel Umbra Quench Watering Can is both decorative and functional. Quench’s unique silhouette can be displayed and shown off on a window ledge or shelf thanks to its appealing contemporary design. Its shiny stainless steel metal finish is rust-proof and durable, and its semi-open top is easy to re-fill.


Ultralight Garden Hose

 Aquor Ultralight Garden Hose

Aquor’s Ultralight Garden Hoses are unbelievably lightweight and flexible, making them easy to use and carry. High-tech polyurethane is nearly 75% lighter and more durable than traditional rubber, plus kink-free. These sleek black hoses are meant to last and aren’t a pain to move, which comes in especially handy for those with a large outdoor area. The hoses are available in 6 FT25 FT50 FT, and 100 FT.


Multipurpose Gardening Gloves



Foxgloves Works Gardening Gloves encourage gardening novices and experts alike to spend time outside with their hands in the soil. These multipurpose gloves are designed for comfortable, long lasting wear. Padded synthetic suede palms with reinforced fingertips and stretch nylon backs offer a snug fit and ample protection. Whether hauling brush, transporting stone, raking, weeding, or digging, any gardener’s hands will appreciate the difference. Plus they’re machine washable! Update: Aquor now carries utility gloves! We might be a little biased, but they're pretty great.


Modern Planter


Crate & Barrel Sphere Planters are simple and versatile. These nearly spherical planters can showcase fiddle-leaf fig trees and flourishing monsteras indoors or out, their clean white finish contrasting beautifully with the greenery. Thanks to the addition of cement, the fiberglass planter offers the visual appeal of a concrete planter without the weight. A rubber stopper in the drainage hole allows for planting directly in the container or simply popping in potted plants.


Glass Bird Feeder 


Eva Solo Glass Windowpane Birdfeeder


Invite colorful, cheery birds right up to the window with this Window Decorative Bird Feeder by Eva Solo. The minimalist bird feeder is mounted directly on the windowpane with discrete double-sided tape. A circular opening makes it easy for small garden birds to settle on the glass rim and feed, while the clear glass allows for feathered friend viewing up close. The glass can be easily removed for cleaning and is frost-proof for delightful year-round use.


Luminous Patio Umbrella


Relax under the Purple Leaf Garden Solar Powered LED Cantilever Patio Umbrella day and night. LED light tubes run across the umbrella’s interior, giving off an inviting glow once the sun goes down. The fabric is UV resistant, water-repellant, and colorfast fadeless. Place the umbrella poolside for a cool patch of shade, or next to an outdoor dining set to provide a welcoming, festive ambiance.


Outdoor Portable Sound Lamp


The UMA Sound LED Table Lamp by Pablo Designs redefines the portable lantern for the modern age. Fusing state-of-the-art Warm Dim LED technology with 360° high fidelity surround sound, UMA provides a one of a kind portable light + sound experience, integrated seamlessly into a clean design. The sound lamp pairs touch sensitive volume control with an intuitive full-range light control dial. It features Bluetooth connectivity to stream high quality audio wirelessly from any mobile device. UMA is the perfect centerpiece for social gatherings and intimate moments indoor and out.


Luxurious Heat Lamp


Lightfire Outdoor Heater

The elegant Lightfire Patio Heater is a luxury beyond compare. Not only does the sculpturesque heat lamp give off a beautiful glow, it also emanates an inviting warmth, making the outdoors comfortable for lounging during cooler temperatures. A long glass tube runs through the middle of the steel bars, allowing the tall flame to safely show through, giving off up to 42,000 BTUs of infrared heat radiating 450 square feet outward.


Cozy Fire Pit


Cozy up to the Solo Stove Bonfire, a smokeless portable fire pit. Strategically placed holes in the double-wall structure suck the air from the bottom and feed the heated oxygen to the top, resulting in a generous flame with intense heat and minimal ash left over! Take it camping, or simply set up the Bonfire in the backyard or driveway for a hot socializing spot. The Bonfire is easy to clean up, and won’t leave you smelling like you toasted marshmallows over a traditional campfire for hours.