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Holiday Gift Guide: Home Edition

Holiday Gift Guide: Home Edition

The holidays are approaching, along with sales! Snag your gifts now to avoid the last-minute shopping rush and unnecessary stress that tends to come along with it. We’re planning on keeping a few for ourselves…

Colorful Coupe Glasses

Coupe Glass Everything tastes better served in a cute glass. The coupe is a classy variety perfect for boozy craft cocktails or sumptuous seasonal alcohol-free sips. Perfect material for open shelving or that bar cart. 

Smeg Toaster

Smeg Toaster Not all toasters are ugly. Leave this retro Smeg on the countertop for extra easy toasting, plus an extra pop of color. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all. 

Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

Stagg Electric EKG Kettle Enjoy a hot mug of cozy Earl Gray along with that avocado toast. Plug this sleek kettle in anywhere—instant hot chocolate will make any remote meeting more tolerable. Simply sip on hot water throughout the day to promote easy digestion and warm the soul. And yes, it can make a perfect pour-over cup of coffee thanks to convenient temperature controls.

Body Candles

Body Candles While you can light these curvy candles, we enjoy simply using them as decor. Use a solo torso as a statement piece, or pair a couple together. Bathroom countertops and living room built-ins are the perfect perch. 

Hand-Blown Candle Holders 

Glassybaby Glassybaby has a cult following in the Seattle area, and for good reason. The vast variety of unique candle holders can match nearly any color palette, plus, the company has donated nearly $14 million to non-profits. Talk about a win win. Not a fan of candles? Use the luxuriously heavy glasses as drinking vessels. 

Handcrafted Bar Soap

Island Thyme Soap We all want to feel fresh and smell good. Island Thyme’s small-batch soaps are crafted with the highest quality ingredients, some of which are local! Tingle Mint will wake the senses, while Orcas Lavender will soothe and relax. Not a fan of either? There are 14 delicious scents to choose from.

Stax Four-in-a-Row

Stax 4-in-a-row Sung Wook Park’s beautiful rendition of the classic game is not only fun to play but also fun to look at. While the game is simple, strategic play can introduce a healthy dose of competition to date night or family gatherings. 

Double-Sided Puzzle

Double-sided Puzzle This two-in-one Randall Kaplan puzzle will surely elicit sweet summer daydreams. One side displays a bustling beach scene, while the other features a modern country house. 500 pieces is enough to offer a friendly challenge without being overwhelming. 

Plush Throw Blanket

Plus Throw This ultra-soft, cozy throw will make it even harder to leave the couch (or bed) behind during the depths of winter. Choose from several colors, or get one of each for different rooms or seasons. Might as well treat Fido as well. 

Bolster Pet Bed

Bolster Pet Bed A comfy bed like this will be tempting for humans to curl up in too! The raised sides encourage a feeling of safety and create a comfortable environment for rest. The soft faux suede is machine washable making cleaning a breeze. Three sizes will fit most dogs and cats, while the khaki green and brown color options will blend in with many interior styles.

Coop Pillow

Coop Pillow Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. Coop’s original pillow is adjustable, providing comfort and support now as well as in the future. The pillow comes with extra memory foam + microfiber filling, so you can add more support as the pillow naturally softens over time. No need to count those sheep!

Terrarium Kit

Terrarium Kit Terrariums can add another welcomed touch of green and wonder to any space. This DIY kit comes with soil, pebbles, live moss, and plants, allowing for personalization and a fun building experience. 

Peace Lily

Peace Lily Peace Lilies are wonderful gifts for plant lovers and future plant parents alike. They are robust and generally easy to take care of, plus their greenery can spruce up an otherwise stark space. Keep these plants out of strong, direct sunlight and water just enough to keep the soil lightly moist to the touch. They can be toxic if ingested in large amounts so keep the plant away from children and pets who may be tempted to chomp away. 

Ceramic Self-Watering Pot

Self-watering Planter Knowing exactly how much hydration a plant needs is not always easy. This aesthetically pleasing self-watering pot takes the guesswork out of the watering process. The sub-irrigation insert and aeration stones allow plants to drink from the roots, just as nature intended. Simply lift the planter to refill the dish when the reservoir is empty. Watering from below ensures fast growth and healthy plants. 

Samsung Frame Television

Samsung Frame TV Tired of seeing a big black box taking up a large portion of the wall? Treat yourself or someone special to a gorgeous Samsung Frame TV. The television lays nearly flush against the wall and is available in several customizable frames to match any aesthetic. Choose among different works of art to feature when the television is not in use—a matte display mitigates reflections and mimics the visual of real artwork. We’re impressed!

Ring Doorbell

Ring Doorbell You may already have a Ring Doorbell but perhaps a family member or friend does not! The battery video doorbell doesn’t require a wired connection, making it easy to install anywhere. There are a couple versions available to meet different price points, but they all offer peace of mind. Know exactly when your package is delivered and when not to answer the door to the neighborhood pranksters.

Aquor House Hydrant V1+

Aquor House Hydrant V1+ Say goodbye to ugly brass hose bibs, Aquor’s innovative hydrants allow homeowners to access water in style and with ease. Not only are Aquor’s hydrants aesthetically pleasing, they are also composed of high-quality, durable materials that are built to last. The hydrants are leak-proof, frost-free and lay flush against siding. Simply plug in your garden hose fitted with the included connector to start water flow—or better yet, pick up Aquor’s Ultralight Garden Hose.