7 Ways to Use a Hot & Cold Outdoor Faucet

7 Ways to Use a Hot & Cold Outdoor Faucet

Pretty much every homeowner (or renter) is familiar with outdoor water faucets, also known as spigots or hose bibs. Traditional outdoor faucets are connected to the home’s cold water supply, making it possible to water the lawn, fill your pet's water dish outside, rinse off cars, or even get a friendly water balloon fight going. While you can do a lot with cold water access, having the ability to use warm and hot water is not only convenient, but will provide more options for how you can use water outdoors as well.


So, what exactly can you do with a Hot+Cold Hydrant?

Fill Pools & Hot Tubs

Have a pool or hot tub that needs topping off? Save time by using warm or hot H2O to get that water level back up. A kiddie pool, which can also be enjoyed by adults, will be more comfortable with cool or even lukewarm water, compared to the ice cold water that will come out of a standard spigot. 


Outdoor Showers

Take a refreshing rinse after you complete a few laps or enjoy those jets. An outdoor shower with hot water will be more enjoyable, and allow you to slow down and relish the experience instead of rushing through a numbing wash. Live near the ocean or lake? Taking a shower before entering your home will help reduce the amount of sand or sludge tracked inside. Win win.



Bathe Pets

Many of us are familiar with the struggle involved with cleaning a dirty pet… either in our own bathtubs or sinks for smaller furry friends. Keep the grime outside, while preventing your pet from escaping your grasp and running throughout the home full of suds. Do yourself a favor and install a handheld shower nozzle to get those hard-to-reach spots. With a quick and easy clean-up solution, now Fido can happily run through the mud.


Wash Vehicles

If you’re able to wash your own car and enjoy doing so, make the job even easier with warm water. Extra stubborn dirt (and bird poo) will come off quickly, plus your hands won’t get cold in the process. Learn more about car washing tips over here.



Clean Outdoor Furniture & Tools

Time to dust off those chairs and tables? Or quickly bid farewell to a few spider webs? Use your garden hose to spray off debris and dust with warm water. Sure, cold water will do the trick, but similarly to our car washing tips, warm water will get the job done more quickly. You can also rinse extra dirty gardening tools while you’re at it. Make that patio sparkle!



Outdoor Kitchen Hookup

For those of us who are lucky enough to have an outdoor kitchen or are planning on installing one, use hot water to quickly rinse dirty dishes, plus clean surfaces after each use. Your life will be much easier if you can clean up that leftover BBQ sauce before it adheres to your plates. Having the ability to efficiently wash your hands outside without freezing your fingers is another bonus. 



Hydrate Plants

Yes, most outdoor plants will be just fine if you water them with cold water. However, chilly water can shock some plants, potentially causing permanent damage. If you want to keep your plants happily thriving, look into their ideal hydrating temperatures. A lot of plants love room temperature or lukewarm water, especially plants that are native to warmer climates. Avoid using hot water to give your flora a drink, as high temperatures can damage them as well. We’re looking for the Goldilocks of water temps. 



While many of us can manage with a standard outdoor faucet, having the ability to use warm and hot water outdoors can make your life not only a lot easier, but also more enjoyable as well.