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Brushed Stainless House Hydrant V2+

Quick connect House Hydrant with built-in vacuum breaker. Recommended for new construction. Can be retrofitted. Freeze-proof. ASSE and CSA certified. Each kit includes one hose connector and stainless steel debris cover.


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An outdoor faucet you'll actually enjoy using.


Leak-Free, Easy to Use

Enjoy leak-free water access with a simple push and twist. Gentle on hands and joints.

Burst-Proof Winter

Simply unplug the hose connector to drain and winterize. No ugly foam covers or costly burst pipes.

Sustainable, Lead-Free Materials

Manufactured from non-toxic, corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel and military-grade polymers.

A brushed stainless house hydrant v2+ installed on lap siding with a mounting block, surrounded by plants.

Elevate Your Outdoor Water Access

Stop wasting time and energy threading hoses when you want water. Upgrade to Aquor for immediate water access with a simple push and twist. Disconnect just as easily to drain and winterize. Our innovative system has a unique valve design that seals using water pressure, ensuring maintenance-free use for 20+ years.

Backflow Protection

Leak-Free Quick Connect

Professional Quality

Simple Installation and DIY-Friendly

Aquor seamlessly complements any siding type. Whether you prefer to DIY or opt for a professional install, setting up your hydrant is easy.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3

1: Attach Aquor Connector

Securely attach an Aquor connector to any garden hose. Leave connected for convenience!

2: Connect to Hydrant

Align the 3 grooves on the connector with the nibs on the hydrant. Gently push in, then turn clockwise to connect. This opens the valve, and water flow starts instantly. Positionable in multiple directions.

3: Disconnect from Hydrant

Disconnect by pushing in and turning counterclockwise. Your hydrant will drain and winterize automatically. We recommend depressurizing your hose and storing out of the elements.

Make Sure You Have the Hydrant That’s Right For You

  • Model
  • Use case
  • Backflow protection
  • Avail. lengths
  • Entry hole
  • Included items
  • Certifications
    • Current Product
      A side angled product shot of the brushed stainless House hydrant V2+ and the straight hose connector.

      Brushed Stainless House Hydrant V2+

    • New Construction
    • Vacuum breaker in faceplate
    • 2”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”
    • 3 x 1 - 1/2"
    • Hydrant, Debris Cover, Straight Hose Connector
    • ASSE 1019-A, ASME A112.18.1, CSA B125.1, meets IAPMO/cUPC, AS3718
    • Slate Gray Polymer House Hydrant V1+

      Slate Gray Polymer House Hydrant V1+

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    • Retrofit
    • Vacuum breaker in hose connector
    • 2”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”
    • 1 - 1/2"
    • Hydrant, Debris Cover, Wide Grip Hose Connector
    • ASSE 1019C, ASME A112.18.1, CSA B125.1, AS3718
    • An angled side view of the Aquor Hot and Cold Hydrant pictured with the Comfort Grip VB Hose Connector.

      Hot+Cold Hydrant

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    • Hot and Cold Water
    • Vacuum breaker in hose connector
    • 6”
    • 3 - 1/2"
    • Hydrant, Plug Cover, Comfort Grip Hose Connector
    • ASSE 1019-A, ASME A112.18.1, CSA B125.1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Brian Loudon
Hi Quality

This spigot is the highest quality product I could find on the market.

Out with the old, in with the V2+

Love my new faucets! Have an old house that had old drippy nasty faucets, all replaced now with the V2+.

Easy install, easy operation, and it looks great.

Saw this a while back on a YouTube channel. Had a spigot leaking and I couldn't get it apart to replace the washer. Purchased the 12" stem as I was going through brick and concrete block. Installing it was very easy and no trouble at all. Yes, I installed it myself. It functions and looks great!

Guest Shopper
I have purchased and installed four of these now. Love them!

These hydrants are extremely well made. Love the fact there is no packing or turning handle that will leak over time. I’ve installed all four myself so not beyond the skills of a decent do-it-yourself homeowner.

V2 + Matte Black Hydrant

So sleek and sharp looking that we are going to mount a couple of them side by side one for hot water and one for cold water. Having hot water at the tap will be a nice upgrade for washing things off.