Ground Hydrant

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Ground Hydrant

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A better yard hydrant. Bury it, or install waist high. Self-drains automatically when disconnected for effortless freeze protection. Self-cleaning outlet easily purges dirt and debris. Requires no maintenance or upkeep, plus you can mow right over it.

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Customer Reviews

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It was an extremely easy install, and it works great! Plus it looks amazing, and is very unobtrusive. My customer loves it!

Fred Millspaugh
Wonderful Addition to the Pool Deck

I purchased two of the 12" Ground Hydrants several months ago waiting for my pool deck to be constructed. I just ran my water line to the deck and hooked up both of the Hydrants. The installation was EXTREMELY simple and you only needed 1 fitting for the connection. I turned on the water supply and absolutely no leaks. I hooked up my hose and it worked perfectly with no spay out from the top. Very easy to connect to the hydrant. Would highly recommend to anyone.

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Can I leave it connected year-round?

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Will it provide freeze protection?

How does the outlet work?

Is the hose connector “plastic”? Will it break if I tug on it?

How do I attach accessories such as vacuum breakers, timers, or splitters?

Does Aquor offer a warranty?

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