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Project Highlights: The Woodland Home

Project Highlights: The Woodland Home

Clean lines and floor-to-ceiling windows abound, seamlessly blending David and Jamie’s sleek home into the gorgeous Kohler, Wisconsin landscape.

The simplistic and functional, yet beautiful design houses their growing family as well as their knack for entertaining guests.

The crisp, modern interior effortlessly exhibits both style and functionality.


After fifteen years of bustling city life in Chicago, Jamie and her husband returned to their quiet hometown with their children, wanting more space, both indoors and out.

Keeping the Midwest weather in mind, Jamie desired a layout that would encourage her children to easily step outside and run through the lush grass in the summer, as well as play throughout the open floor plan during the cool, frosty winters.

The impressive windows give way to a generous view of the surrounding landscape, intentionally blurring the lines between nature and the home itself, allowing the family to experience the white winter, the bold colors of fall, and the bright greens of summer and spring from the comfort of their warm living space.

Spotless floor to ceiling windows soften the divide between inside and out.


Working with Bruns Architecture and Osterhaus McCarthy, they meticulously focused on every last detail, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing contemporary customized home with high functionality.   

The low maintenance exterior highlights corten steel, which ages both gracefully and beautifully over time.


Aquor Water Systems House Hydrant makes it possible for the family to access water in style and with ease, without having to settle for a standard brass hose bib and sacrifice the clean look of their home.

Not only does the low profile modern outdoor faucet blend in with the home’s exterior, it also eliminates the need for visually unappealing foam covers during the below freezing Wisconsin winter months.

There is no need for wrestling with a clunky traditional connection system either, and the smooth design reassures safe outdoor play.

Aquor’s innovative House Hydrant V2, an in-wall outdoor faucet system, includes an atmospheric vacuum breaker for anti-siphon protection. Simply disconnect to avoid freezing.


While the family enjoys all three of their Aquor systems, Jamie’s favorite hydrant is located in the garage.

Hot water access lends to convenient vehicle and child tidying, maintaining the clean outdoor and indoor aesthetic–which does not go unnoticed.

The efficient garage water system makes cleanup easy.


The Woodland Home guests show interest in the innovative water feature, inquiring as they are embraced by the beautiful structure and Jamie’s welcoming family.

Satisfied with her family’s new outdoor water system, Jamie enthusiastically recommends Aquor to anyone who is in the process of building a new home, or updating their current dwelling.

A sleek outdoor shower rinses away debris during the warm summer months as well as fears of freezing pipes in the chilly winter.


View Jamie’s interview, and have a further look inside the stunning Woodland Home.