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Project Highlights: Ox In The Shop V1+ Install in Georgia

Project Highlights: Ox In The Shop V1+ Install in Georgia

Drew of Ox In The Shop YouTube channel and blog installed three Aquor Water Systems V1+ Hydrants for top-of-the-line outdoor water access on his new Taylorsville, Georgia home.

Drew used PEX plumbing to connect the Hydrants for an easy DIY project!

Fresh out of the box! The Hydrant body is composed of marine-grade stainless steel.


To start off, Drew created a square Hydrant mounting block from a concrete piece of trim. Cutting the mounting block.


He used a 1 1/2″ hole saw to drill a hole for the Hydrant in the center of the concrete mounting block. Using a hole saw to drill through the mounting block.


Drew lined the mounting block up where he wanted to locate the first Hydrant, then used the hole saw to drill through the siding. Positioning the mounting block and drilling through the siding.


He chose a spot where he could screw the Hydrant into a 2×4, providing a secure install. The Hydrant entry hole.


He used the template sticker for reference while predrilling the mounting block for the screws. Predrilling for the Hydrant screws.


Drew removed the sticker then placed the Hydrant cover behind the faceplate before lining the new hose bib up with the mounting block. Looking good!


He secured the top screw first, checking to make sure everything was level, before screwing in the remaining two. Securing the Hydrant in place.


Once the Hydrant was attached to the exterior of the home, Drew turned off the water in preparation for connecting the new hose bib to the plumbing. Turning the water off.


He fastened a SharkBite fitting wrapped with teflon tape to the end of the Hydrant, using channel locks to tighten, then pushed the PEX tubing into the fitting to connect. Wrapping teflon tape around the fitting. Tightening the fitting onto the Hydrant. Connecting the Hydrant to the PEX plumbing.


Drew turned the water back on, then tested the new Hydrant out. Testing the new hose bib out.


Ta-da! The Hydrant drains upon disconnection.


“My name is Drew Oxford and I am the woodworker. It started with a simple project at a neighbor’s house and I was hooked. I have always loved making things with my hands and woodworking became a great interest of mine. I am self-taught, but give credit of my woodworking knowledge to many of my fellow woodworkers that I watch on YouTube. I love learning and trying new things, and especially enjoy a challenge.” Drew is happy with his new Aquor Hydrants.


View Drew’s Hydrant install video here, and see the beginning of his home building process here.

Explore Drew’s blog, and see what Ox In The Shop is up to on Instagram. Drew will be installing stainless debris covers once the siding is complete.