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Project Highlights: Horizon Outbound 46 Sailboat Deckwash Install

Project Highlights: Horizon Outbound 46 Sailboat Deckwash Install

Anders and Anette installed an Aquor Marine Deckwash Outlet on their sailboat for easy water access while traveling the world. The Aquor install provides freshwater—as well as seawater—to clean up their boat and anchor as needed.  


The People

Anette and Anders in Gilbraltar


Anders and Anette have been sailing for 40 years together. The Swedish couple sailed the Baltic from the early 1990s to 2002 before relocating to the US. They had a 25-foot wooden Folk boat for a couple of years, which was fun, although a lot of work. Anders and Anette realized that they had outgrown that boat after sailing four weeks with their three boys and Golden retriever onboard. They decided to upgrade to a 41-foot fiberglass monohull (S30), which was much more comfortable for the family. After Anders and Anette moved to the US, they chartered boats a week or two every year—they were able to see a lot of different places, and experience a variety of boats. They’ve sailed the US east coast, Vancouver area, Maine, Caribbean, Sea of Cortez, Belize, Tonga, and more. While chartering the couple sailed catamarans ranging from 38 to 47 feet and monohulls from 39 to 55 feet. All of these experiences came in handy while purchasing their Outbound 46.

Leaving Sweden for another adventure


The Project

Horizon is an Outbound 46, hull #67. The boat was built during the fall of 2017 and spring of 2018. Anders and Anette completed extensive research and contacted several Outbound 46 owners before they finalized the specs of Horizon. They sailed one week in the Caribbean on hull #59, Kinetic, learning a lot about sailing and navigation, in addition to the Outbound 46 itself. Observing Ocean, Pneumatic, and Lions Paw aided their decisions regarding Horizon and how they wanted their boat to be equipped as well. Sicily Horizon


Anders and Anette are currently in Croatia, after covering 19,000 NM in the last 2 years. They have anchored 249 times overnight (even more if counting lunch stops), and use the Aquor deckwash regularly to clean the anchor. Anders’s and Anette’s setup allows them to use seawater or freshwater for the deckwash, depending on the situation. The flush fitting of Aquor’s deckwash is great!

Aquor Marine Deckwash Outlet and hose adapter.


Read more about Anders’s and Anette’s travels on their blog.

Horizon track


The Product

Aquor’s flush-mounted Marine Deckwash Outlet can be used as an inlet or outlet and mounted horizontally or vertically. This professional-grade outlet provides instant water access anywhere you need it—connect hoses instantly, even under full pressure. The outlet is both incredibly lightweight and strong, thanks to its vacuum-cast stainless steel body.

Perfect for sailboats and performance craft, campers, and RVs.