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Project Highlights: Anne of All Trades House Hydrant V1+ Install in Nashville

Project Highlights: Anne of All Trades House Hydrant V1+ Install in Nashville

Anne of Anne of All Trades YouTube channel and blog installed an Aquor Water Systems House Hydrant V1+ for easy outdoor water access on her Nashville farm.

Anne used PEX plumbing to connect her Hydrant, making the barn install a simple DIY project! 

Anne decided to build inexpensive DIY planters—a great option for people with limited space and the desire to grow their own tasty produce or colorful flowers.

After Anne finished up building the modular cedar planters for her friend, she used her newly installed House Hydrant to water the plants. Two DIY projects down! See Anne’s engaging video above, and read the Hydrant install steps below. 

Getting ready to install the Hydrant.


Anne started off by using a hole saw positioned over the included Hydrant template to cut through the side of the barn, making sure there weren’t any wires or pipes located directly behind the wall.

Drilling the Hydrant entry hole with a hole saw, using the included template.


Once she drilled through the outside wall, she went inside the barn to locate the hole and drill through the inside wall as well.

Anne returned to the outside of the barn and drilled holes for the anchors using the mounting template sticker, then secured the anchors into the siding.

She placed the Hydrant cover behind the Hydrant faceplate before screwing the outdoor faucet in place.

Aligning the Hydrant cover, which is placed behind the Hydrant faceplate.


Anne used PEX tubing with push-to-connect fittings for an easy, flexible install.

Tightening the fitting onto the back of the Hydrant.

Connecting the Hydrant to the plumbing using PEX.


It was time to test out her hose bib.

Instant water access made easy.


Now Anne can access her water no sweat, giving her animals and plants a cool drink when needed.Someone’s ready for fresh water.


“I’ve become ‘Anne of All Trades’ with the goal of gaining and sharing knowledge and living as an example to empower and inspire my peers to get outside, to take risks, to pick up tools and explore their own creativity. I strongly believe that folks seeing real people, who look like them, really doing things is hugely powerful when it comes to having a sense of personal empowerment to try things on their own.” -Anne

Time to hydrate!


View Anne’s House Hydrant install video here.

Explore her blog, and see what Anne is up to on Instagram.

Nothing like a fuzzy donkey photobomb.