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Home Dog Wash Stations

Home Dog Wash Stations

We love our furry friends, but attempting to clean them off after a muddy park romp or a swim session can be both time consuming and unsuccessful, resulting in dirt strewn across the carpet and that notorious permeating dog aroma. Installing a dog wash station is a simple solution that will leave both you and Fido clean and happy.

While a standard garden hose attached to your house’s hose bib can remove most of the sludge, this is not always an option due to cold or rainy conditions.

If you opt to rinse off your pup outside, without a contained area it can be difficult to wrangle him into the right position (and have him sit still) plus there’s a good chance you’ll receive an unwanted soaking yourself.

One solution is to section off a corner of your garage and install a wash-down station. You and your faucet will be protected from the elements, and you can easily shower off and dry your pooch in the same spot.

Another option is to convert an area of your mudroom into a designated doggy spa. Mudrooms are conveniently located between the garage entrance and the rest of your home, so you can comfortably clean your pet inside without traipsing through the entire house to get to your own personal shower.


Build shelving around the wash station or have a few storage bins handy to hold shampoo, brushes, treats, and clean towels.

It’s no secret that most dog breeds shed… a lot. Fur can clog drains quickly, so cover your drain with a removable hair snare or fine mesh that you can easily clean.

Not all dogs enjoy being doused with water, so be sure to reward your friend with tasty treats and words of praise throughout the process.

Dogs aren’t typically as sensitive to cool water temperatures as humans, but you can always install both hot and cold water to ensure your pup’s comfort.

An extendable spray nozzle will come in handy when it’s time to rinse off your pet’s belly and haunches. It makes it easier to quickly wash away shampoo as well as spray down the area after you’re finished.

The Aquor House Hydrant provides quick and easy water access for this garage shower.

Wash-down stations don’t have to be just for dogs! Rinse off your own muddy feet and dirty hands after working in the garden or simply enjoying the great outdoors. Fido won’t mind sharing.