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3 Easy Ways to Patch Drywall

3 Easy Ways to Patch Drywall

Patching drywall doesn’t have to be a drag. Here are three simple methods to get that wall looking good as new.

Cut at an angle

Cut the drywall at an angle for easy patching.


At the start of your project, use a jab saw to cut through the wall, angling the saw in. The cut drywall section will be shaped like the bottom of a pyramid, making it easy to fit snuggly back into place. Simply use glue to adhere.

View Matt Risinger’s House Hydrant V2 install video for an example of an angled drywall cut.

Use mesh tape  

EvanAndKatelyn used mesh tape while patching the drywall in their garage.


If your removed drywall section was not cut at an angle, you’ll need to screw your drywall piece back into place. Secure a 1×4 inside your wall if there are no studs behind the hole, then screw your drywall patch into that. Otherwise, utilize preexisting studs. Use mesh drywall tape to cover the perimeter of your rectangle then spread joint compound over your tape edge, feathering away from the tape. When the joint compound is dry, scrape down any edges, sand, wipe, and repeat.

Create an access panel

DIY for Homeowners installed a premade access panel.


If you opened up a wall for plumbing there’s a chance you might need to access that plumbing again in the future, either for maintenance or replacement. Instead of closing up your wall, consider installing an access panel or “mini door” so you can get to your plumbing in mere seconds plus avoid cutting and patching up your wall multiple times. You can purchase premade access panels or create your own.