Hot+Cold Hydrant

The Hot+Cold Hydrant is an essential tool for staying cool and comfortable all year round. Use it to wash your car, give your dog a bath, or set up as an outdoor shower. Enjoy reliable, high-quality materials, ergonomic controls, and all-year access to tempered water right in your own backyard. 


  • 1x Hydrant w/ Plug Cover
  • 1x Comfort Grip Hose Connector, Slate Gray
  • Installation Hardware

Limited quantities are being produced to ensure our high-quality standards. Inquire below if you are interested.

SKU: HC1-006

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Hot. Cold. And everything in between.

  • Single-dial temperature control

  • Year-round water access

  • Easy front serviceability 


Effortless tempered water access for outdoor showers and more

Designed to make setting the perfect temperature easy, plus you can keep the temperature exactly where you want it when turning the water on and off. Use for outdoor showers, dog baths and more.

  • Sleek low-profile design with water security

  • 100% leak-free water-tight seal

  • Self-drains upon disconnection to winterize

Unparalleled quality against competitors

The Hot+Cold's 316L stainless steel body provides superior freeze and corrosion protection for cold and coastal climates. The quick installation process is straightforward and easy to integrate into new builds. Full front-serviceability once installed. 

  • 316L stainless steel, 100% lead-free and freeze-proof

  • Ceramic mixing cartridge rated up to 500,000+ cycles

  • Hose connector tested for 150,000+ cycles of use, crush-proof up to 200+ lbs

Technical Specifications 

Product Overview

In the box:

Hydrant with Plug Cover, x4 #10 Mounting Screws, x2 M5 x 0.8 mm Mounting Screws, Comfort Grip VB Hose Connector (CN-VB3), Install Instructions*


Limited LIFETIME all stainless steel parts, 5 years polymer parts

Technical Specs

Entry Hole



1/2" PEX F1960


3/4" Garden Hose Thread (m)

Operating Temperature

33-140 °F

Operating Water Pressure

25-125 PSI

Flow Rate

6.6 GPM @ 50 PSI*

Plumbing Compatibility 


Hydrant Material

316L Stainless Steel, Polymers

Mixing Cartridge


Connector Material

Acetal Resin Polymer

O-Ring Material

Fluorocarbon Rubber

*Subject to change

How do I install the Hot+Cold

The Aquor Hot+Cold Hydrant is a complete in-wall faucet system and as such requires installation. We recommend a plumber install. 

*Subject to change

How does the hydrant work? 

Just like our other hydrants, the Aquor Hot+Cold is a quick coupler system that engages under full pressure. With the Aquor hose connector attached to your garden hose, you simply push and twist into the outlet. The plunger-valve opens and water begins flowing instantly. There is not a screw and flat rubber washer like a traditional brass valve. Viton® O-rings seal tighter under pressure for a water-tight seal, every time. The reliable valve is designed for decades of zero-maintenance, drip-free use.

Will it provide freeze protection? 

Yes! When installed properly, the Hot+Cold Hydrant provides excellent freeze protection. The inner valve stops water flow in the heated portion of your wall. The debris cover has a wedge backplate that keeps the hydrant angled slightly downward–when you unplug, gravity allows the water in the valve to drain. The stainless steel body provides significantly better insulation than a traditional brass frost-free sillcock. We have tested the hydrant down to -30° F without issues. As long as the hydrant is unplugged and the inside of your home stays above freezing, you will not need to use any additional protection (such as foam insulation covers). No hassles, no worries.

Does Aquor offer a warranty? 

Yes, we stand behind all of our products!

All stainless steel products and parts have a limited lifetime warranty from any defects in design, workmanship, assembly, or materials. All polymer components are covered for 5 years. If you're not satisfied with your products for any reason, we'll make it right. 

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