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Aquor Hose Connector Durability Testing

Aquor Hose Connector Durability Testing

We extensively test our products during research and development stages.

The House Hydrant V1+ is approved for both US (all 50 states) and Canadian new construction and remodels–the Aquor Vacuum Breaker Hose Connector is ASSE 1019 and CSA B125 listed.

Made with heavy-duty acetal resin and high-performance Viton® O-rings, the commercial-grade hose connector is rated for over 150,000 cycles as part of the CSA B125 approval test.

The House Hydrant V2+ is ASSE approved for all 50 states.

An industry-leading limited lifetime warranty covers every part of the House Hydrant system, and guarantees it will not leak or drip.

The system has been independently lab-tested to the following:

  • Lifecycle: 150,000 connector engagements at 125 psi
  • Resistance to bending: 100 lbs lateral pressure to hose connector at 125 psi
  • Temperature range: -.6° F to 140° F
  • Endurance: 8 hrs x 10 at 125 psi

Our in-house testing greatly exceeds these minimum requirements. 200 lb stress tests and freeze resistance below -30° F have been demonstrated.