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Project Highlights: E.M. Duggan Spa Installation

Project Highlights: E.M. Duggan Spa Installation

Spas can get a lot of use, so frequent washdowns are necessary to keep the area clean and safe.

E.M. Duggan, a family-owned Massachusetts business long respected for expertise in Plumbing, HVAC, fire protection CAD, design, special projects, and service, installed Aquor’s Universal Outlet for efficient, streamlined spa cleanup.

The discrete hydrant is installed next to a hydraulic pool lift within the spa.

Pool lifts assist in transporting people with disabilities or limited mobility into and out of pools.

Not long ago, aquatic therapy was only available at rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and a limited selection of public pools.

People with disabilities can now easily enjoy the benefits of aquatic therapy, due to updated ADA requirements and the ongoing development of pool and spa lifts.

Christine Linnehan, Sr. Project Manager at E.M. Duggan, is pleased with the Universal Outlet solution. “We needed something small and compact, and to eliminate hoses running across walkways and this worked out great.”

Water flow starts instantly when you connect. It’s a simple plug and go system that facilitates prompt water access while remaining inconspicuous to curious eyes and foot traffic.

Aquor Universal Outlet


Aquor’s Universal Outlet is a flush-mounted stainless steel hydrant with a durable hose connector. It’s a reliable, leak-proof water outlet that can be mounted horizontally or vertically and used anywhere water access is needed, on land or sea. The black, impact resistant swivel cover paired with the Universal Outlet’s ability to be configured as an inlet or outlet makes it a solid option for marine vessels, campers, RVs, overland vehicles, storage tanks, and DIY applications.