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10 Satisfying At-Home Activities

10 Satisfying At-Home Activities

Spending more time at home? Instead of scrolling through social media for hours on end and binge-watching the latest drama while your free hand takes refuge in a family-sized chip bag, take a deep breath, move your body, and expand your mind.

These satisfying at-home activities will make staying at home not only bearable, but actually pleasant (and perhaps even enjoyable). Let’s do it!

Practice Yoga

Move your body and free your mind. YouTube channels like Yoga With Adriene will walk you through poses while you follow along from the comfort of home.


Strong body, strong mind. Stretch, hold, breathe and repeat, all from the comfort of your living room… or bedroom or kitchen! Create your own routine or follow along with convenient YouTube sessions. Complete beginners and yogi masters alike can find a video that suits their needs. Not only does yoga strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility, it’s also an excellent form of practicing mindfulness, encouraging awareness and mitigating stress.


Read up on stunning architecture and design, plus take in beautiful photography on Dwell.


Now’s the perfect time to pick up that inspiring autobiography you didn’t quite finish (ahem or start) or finally discover for yourself who did it and why. It was Shaggy after all?! So find a quiet, cozy nook and settle in. Reading is not only a form of entertainment and a welcome break from reality, it’s also a surefire way to improve your vocabulary and discover a variety of viewpoints. Perhaps you don’t have a new book on hand. Rereading stories allows you to pick up on details you didn’t notice before, and appreciate the writing in new ways after experiencing your own personal growth. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with comics or picture books.

Online articles, stories and blog posts are great too! Whether you’re into architecture and designfoodtech + gadgetstrendy stuff, or art, there’s something out there for just about everyone.  

Watch Documentaries

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015)


Yes you are more than welcome to enjoy what ever shows and movies you want, so you might as well introduce some educational content to the mix. Documentaries are an excellent source of new information and different perspectives. You can delve deeper into subjects you’re already interested in, or start learning something entirely new. Can’t do without drama? There are a lot of controversial topics out there that will surely spark some friendly debate at the dinner table. As always, keep an open mind and consider all sides of an argument. We’re not trying to start WWIII with unsuspecting roommates or innocent family members while stuck at home.

Cook  Black Bean Corn Salad Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray’s easy peasy Black Bean and Corn Salad.


No more excuses. Today’s the day! Pick up that dusty cookbook or hit up Pinterest for some inspiration. There are plenty of quick and easy recipes out there, so no need to feel overwhelmed. Just turn on some music and dance around the kitchen while preparing your meal. At the very least enjoy yourself! Not only can home cooking be healthier—you know exactly what’s going in that pot of chili—it’s also an excellent way to save money. Support your local restaurants by ordering to-go meals, and support your bank account by cooking at home as well. It’s all about that balance. Don’t know where to start? Here are a few simple, tasty recipes to get you going: easy fried ricespaghetti pomodoro, and black bean and corn salad.  


Artist Dan Knepper’s “A Slice of Thiebauld To Go” watercolor painting.


Whip out those markers, paints, crayons or even clay! Embrace your creative side and just let loose. Who knows, you might end up creating your new favorite apartment wall art or find yourself featured in a hip, modern gallery. At the very least you’ll utilize a part of your brain that may lay dormant all too often, and give your strained eyeballs a break from the ever-present assortment of glowing screens. Have someone to get artsy with? Take turns making additions to a single piece for a truly collaborative effort.

Play Games and Assemble Puzzles  

Play a game of chess on your computer. Better yet, give your eyes a break from the screen and assemble a vibrant puzzle.


Perhaps you own games and puzzles that have been cooped up with that dusty cookbook and autobiography you just rediscovered. Clear the table because Monopoly is back in business! Instead of playing yourself in chess (which you can definitely do online) start putting the pieces of your life back together… or at least make some progress on an actual puzzle. Pro tip: Start by separating out all the pieces with straight edges and get the border in place first. Then separate the remaining pieces by color. You’re welcome.   

Call Friends and Family

Set aside time to chat with friends and family on the phone. Schedule a FaceTime session to see their smiling faces!


You used to call me on my cell phone… Let’s all just pause for a moment and remember what is most important in life. Toilet paper and canned beans aside, it’s the people and the relationships that you build that matter most. So set aside some time to catch up over the phone and reminisce over the good ole days, or plan future shenanigans. You can share your recent cooking success stories (or fails) and trade documentary recommendations.

Deep Clean 

Organize and clean out your pantry and refrigerator, composting expired food items.


If you have a lot of extra time on your hands and find yourself staring aimlessly out the window, you might as well make it sparkle! Vacuum that dirty carpet, Swiffer up all the pet hair that’s been collecting since your fur baby’s adoption, dust the high places that no one but your tall guests see—oops, and give your bathroom a little TLC. Scrubbing and polishing may not be your first choice, but once you get in the groove all those chores will be easy to knock out. Blast some Beyonce for motivation and drink Champagne straight out of the bottle… just make sure it doesn’t explode in your face. Now would also be a prime time to organize and clean out your pantry and refrigerator. Check the expiration dates and compost anything that is beyond edible. And no your fresh greens don’t count as garbage.  


Fox gloves growing in a lush flower garden.


Outdoor plants flourish in the sun’s warm embrace as the days lengthen and the birds burst into song. If you have a garden, spend some time cleaning up old leaves and prepping for spring. You can begin to plant new additions after the last frost, and your garden will be in full swing in no time. Not only are fresh air and Vitamin D big mood boosters, connecting with nature is an enjoyable way to slow down and stay grounded. Don’t have outdoor space at your disposal? Not to worry, you can grow herbs inside as well as nurture house plants. We won’t tell if you give them names. Marissa is looking a little parched there!

Want to begin gardening but don’t know where to start? Here are 10 Easy-to-Grow Plants for Gardening Beginners and 10 Easy-to-Grow Fruits & Vegetables for Gardening Beginners. Now let’s get dirty.

DIY Home Improvement

Installing PEX plumbing to connect an Aquor hose bib.


While bae’s in the kitchen whipping up a gourmet meal, you might as well start in on some home DIY projects girl! Peel faded wallpaper off and paint a fresh coat of Wickham Gray, replace your dated bathroom fixtures, rip out stained carpet, and install a new, modern hose bib—that garden of yours is going to need some water.