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New Zealand, it’s time for something new. Meet the Aquor Hose Tap.

Traditional brass plumbing fixtures exhibit poor quality and construction, leak frequently, and look outdated. Aquor built something superior.

A woman opening the cover of a matte black house hydrant v1+ and carrying a sage green garden hose with a wide grip vb connector on one end and a aquor hose nozzle on the other.

Instant, Leak-Free Water Access

Form meets function. Forget threading on garden hoses every time you need water. Just plug in the hose connector, and water turns on automatically.

High-Quality Minimimalism and Sustainable Materials

Aquor hose taps are unlike any other, using water pressure to seal rather than a screw and washer. Precision-cast from lead-free 316L stainless steel, a marine-grade alloy, the taps are 7x better at insulating than brass.

Tested 150,000+ cycles

100% Lead Free

Avoid Expensive Burst Pipes

A product shot that shows the aquor hydrant internals.
A product shot that shows the front and backend of the aquor hydrant.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3

A brushed stainless  v1+ debris cover shown on white lap siding.

Ready to Upgrade?

Contact your local plumbing distributor and ask about the Aquor Hose Taps!