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Trade Shows & Events: Hydroflow Innovations Expo 2020 in Review

Trade Shows & Events: Hydroflow Innovations Expo 2020 in Review

In February, Aquor visited our Hydroflow friends to take part in their Innovations Expo down in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand.

Hydroflow is one of the largest plumbing distributors in New Zealand, with offices located in Melbourne and Christchurch, Australia.

The company’s “focus is on water and gas and on sourcing the world’s most innovative products for its safe control, quality and conservation.”

The expo showcased Hydroflow’s inventive range of water reticulation and plumbing products, making Aquor a natural fit.

Aquor team member Aiyoko demos the House Hydrant at the Hydroflow Innovation Expo.


Aquor’s partnership with Hydroflow has made the House Hydrant readily available in New Zealand, where the traditional hose bib is in need of a sleek, marine-grade stainless steel upgrade—talk about modern aesthetics and durability.  

A sleek, black Aquor House Hydrant vs. a standard brass sillcock.


Aquor Cofounder Cash Walcome and Sales Account Executive Aiyoko Ishida had the opportunity to meet with the Hydroflow team to learn more about the company as well as exchange industry knowledge and network with local plumbing merchants.

Hydroflow’s eagerness to work with new technologies and support innovation was apparent while visiting their energetic office, where the layout encourages both engagement and collaboration.

Mark Sixton, previous founder of Climate, facilitated the introduction between the two companies and has been an exceptional ambassador for Aquor as well as a pleasure to work with. “We are very excited for both partnerships,” said Walcome.

CEO Kathryn Sixton has been a positive presence while growing Hydroflow to become one of the most innovative and forward-looking plumbing distributors in Australasia and the Pacific Islands. She came on board at a time when the company needed more direction and has propelled Hydroflow ahead, continuing to build upon its successes.

Aquor also had the pleasure of meeting owner Ken Breckon, a charismatic and influential community member known for his contagious enthusiasm. When Breckon isn’t in the Hydroflow office, you can find him outdoors with his impressive collection of gorgeous race horses.

Aquor and Hydroflow will be working together to develop a hydrant mounting solution to meet specific New Zealand building codes, and Aquor will be showcased on several model homes in upcoming months.

Do you live in New Zealand and want a hose bib upgrade? Contact Hydroflow for more information.