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Project Highlights: Silver Cymbal V1+ Install in Massachusetts

Project Highlights: Silver Cymbal V1+ Install in Massachusetts

Chris of Silver Cymbal YouTube channel installed an Aquor Water Systems V1+ for convenient outdoor water access on his Mattapoisett, Massachusetts property.

He added the sleek V1+ to his outdoor kitchen unit, connecting his new hose bib to the existing plumbing using PEX.

The outdoor kitchen is equipped with running water that Chris trenched from the house.Outdoor kitchen unit, including a sink.


He selected the V1+ for its visual appeal and the fact that the faucet connector can be removed when not in use. Stainless steel V1+ fresh out of the box.


He started off by removing the back panel of his kitchen unit. Removing the back panel.  Exposed plumbing.


He selected an install location that would be high enough to reach with ease while avoiding a stud. Choosing the location to install the Hydrant.


Chris drilled through the PVC, matching the entry hole size to the size of the Hydrant stem. Drilling the Hydrant entry hole.


He attached a 1/2″ barbed fitting to the end of the Hydrant, using thread sealant to help secure it. Securing the fitting to the end of the Hydrant.

Tightening the fitting in place.


The Hydrant was ready to be connected to the plumbing. Placing the Hydrant cover behind the faceplate before installing.


He predrilled holes in the cabinet before screwing the Hydrant faceplate and cover in place to avoid cracking the PVC. Screwing the Hydrant into the PVC cabinet with predrilled holes.


Chris connected a piece of PEX tubing to the barbed fitting at the end of the Hydrant, then used a tee connector to tap into the existing water line. Flexible PEX plumbing connection.Tee connector to complete the project.


With the plumbing complete, Chris turned the water back on to test out the new system before closing up the back of the kitchen unit. Ready to test before closing up the cabinet.No leaks!


Looking good. Securing the cabinet back in place.


Silver Cymbal is all about “Do it Yourself Home Improvement,” focusing on plumbing, heating, generators, landscaping, and lawn care. “Everything you see is how I take care of my home and I hope that you can use some of my videos to help you do more yourself at your home,” says Chris. Ready for use.


View Chris’s Hydrant install video here.

See what Silver Cymbal is up to on Instagram. That stainless debris cover is looking sharp.