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Project Highlights: Rainfall Projects House Hydrant V1+ Install in Oregon

Project Highlights: Rainfall Projects House Hydrant V1+ Install in Oregon

JD of Rainfall Projects YouTube channel installed two Aquor Water Systems House Hydrant V1+ hose bibs for convenient outdoor water access on his Albany, Oregon farm.

JD’s wife, Kelly, wanted to run a waterline over to their berry patch for the drip lines. While he was at it, JD decided to run a waterline to the barn too. The project included replacing an old hose bib, as well as installing an Aquor Hydrant in a new location on the farm for easy water access.

In order to run a waterline to the barn and out to the drip lines in the berry patch, JD rented a ditcher from town and started digging.

Digging for the new waterline with a ditcher.


He decided to expand his project and install a new hose bib in the grassy area in front of the barn.

With the trenches dug, JD started glueing and laying down 3/4″ PVC pipe.

Glueing the 20 foot sections of PVC together going out towards the new faucet near the front of the barn.


He cut bases to enclose all of the irrigation boxes—otherwise the moles and gophers tend to fill them up with dirt.  

Packing dirt around the irrigation boxes.  

Working towards the berry patch, tying into the barn along the way.  

Teeing off to the drip lines in the raised garden beds.


JD attached the waterline to the barn and installed some valves for the drip lines. He used Aquor’s frost proof stainless steel Hydrants next to the garden and on the shed, so he won’t have to worry about pipes freezing during the cold winter months.  

Installing the V1+.  

Insulating the pipes for extra frost protection.  

Putting the metal siding back in place.  

The first House Hydrant is ready to go!


He also installed hose reels next to the new Hydrants for convenience and ease of use.  

Getting ready to test out the first hose reel.  

Cutting UHMW (extremely tough plastic with high abrasion and wear resistance) to match the shape of the metal siding, providing a flat mounting surface for the hose bib.  Putting glue on the mounting block before securing it to the siding.   Drilling the Hydrant entry hole with a hole saw.   The barn exterior is ready for the Hydrant.   Securing the new hose bib in place.   Connecting the PEX plumbing to the hose bib.   Installing the second hose reel.   


Looks like JD and Kelly are all set for simple garden irrigation!   Water access made easy.     


JD is a farmer and a builder. He lives in the beautiful PNW with his wife Kelly and his best friend, Drake the black lab. JD is always up early, tending to the peaceful farm and creating. He enjoys growing fresh foods and getting his hands dirty in the rich soil.   JD’s best bud Drake.     


View JD’s House Hydrant install video here. See what JD is up to on Instagram.     Awesome Aquor sign made by JD himself!