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Project Highlights: Dancing in the Garden

The Syke's low-profile midcentury modern home is one with the surrounding Pacific Northwest landscape.

Birds and bees avidly buzz around the Sykes’s inviting garden, pausing to take a bath in the refreshing fountain and nuzzle up to flourishing native plants.

The thriving garden entices and embraces local wildlife.


Darryl designed his mid century modern home with livability and fluidity in mind, emphasizing accessibility while utilizing clean lines that blend into the wooded Port Townsend, Washington landscape.

Working with a local architect, Darryl and his wife Lynn focused on incorporating aspects that specifically fit their needs as a retired couple with a love for the great outdoors.

More often than not, Lynn can be found outside dedicatedly weeding, while Darryl waters their growing garden.

Darryl waters the blooming garden with care.


When building their custom home, Darryl chose to incorporate Aquor Water Systems House Hydrants, which fit the sleek look they desired while providing the opportunity to easily access water across the property.

Water flow starts instantly when the House Hydrant V1 is connected, and the system drains automatically when unplugged.


Darryl is delighted with the modern hose bib style and how the hydrants lay flush against the house, keeping consistent with the low-profile structure.

The House Hydrant V1 functions exactly how he wanted as well, allowing Darryl to quickly connect and start watering trees and plants within seconds.

The efficient House Hydrant provides easy water access with style.


Darryl and Lynn’s garden is consistently hydrated and they are able to avoid screwing in stubborn hoses, troublesome leaks, and freezing pipes.

Guests are often intrigued by the innovative and efficient water system, and Darryl is quick to recommend the House Hydrant.

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