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Project Highlights: Chōwa Concept Home

Project Highlights: Chōwa Concept Home

From soaring ceilings, to spacious suites, and private balconies, the BUILDER Chōwa Concept Home embodies modernity while emphasizing “living in balance.”

The impressive 5,400-square-foot home is part of The Ridges neighborhood–a short 20-minute drive from the infamous Las Vegas Strip. Aquor’s House Hydrant V2+ is just one of many touches that make this new desert luxury home a standout. 

The sleek Aquor House Hydrant V2+ blends into the home’s modern exterior.


Sekisui House, the Japan-based housing giant specializing in the precision-craft construction method, worked with Salt Lake City’s home building enterprise Woodside Homes, and international architecture firm KTGY Architecture + Planning to create a one-of-a-kind production home.

Japanese architects from Sekisui House and U.S.-based architects at KTGY crafted plans for the house separately then came together to merge the two visions for a true effort in collaboration that would also meet the structural needs for Sekisui Houses’s unique prefabricated process.

Once the design was set, Sekisui House’s Kanto factory manufactured structural members for the foundation, building enclosure, interior structure, and roofing system then shipped the components in containers to the U.S.

The inspiring home was constructed using Sekisui House’s SHAWOOD laminated post-and-beam style frame and proprietary metal-joint connection system. 

The expansive windows and outdoor space encourage a natural connection to the outdoors.


For the foundation, the company employed a metal-form board foundation wall system and pre-built templates that are tuned to the house being designed. On-site crews did not require extensive new technical skills, even if it was their first project working with the novel system. The home was framed in just eight days, and no modifications were necessary during construction.

Sekisui House is able to identify material waste ahead of time and decide how to recycle that waste at the end of the project thanks to thorough planning completed during the earliest stages of construction.Outdoor lounge chairs provide a comfortable spot to relax on the private balcony.


President and representative director of Sekisui House, Yoshihiro Nakai, stated their goal is to “make home the happiest place in the world.” Not an easy task when up against DisneyLand. The well-thought-out design of the home does embody its name, chōwa, which “represents the spirit of partnership and reflects life balance, well-being, sustainable value, and connectedness to nature,” says Nakai.

Seamless indoor-outdoor flow was a priority, which is encouraged by multiple decks and balconies as well as large windows generously positioned throughout the home. Clear sightlines were also taken into consideration as well as the implementation of swinging doors connecting the main living area to the outdoor pool. Residence can easily cool off in the refreshing outdoor pool, which is conveniently located just steps from the open indoor living space.


The designers also focused on creating a balanced sense of public space and private space. The communal living areas follow a more open floor plan, while the bedrooms include their own bathrooms and living spaces, providing a comfortable option for aging parents, adult children, or extended-stay guests. Subtly veined black quartz countertops complement onyx finished cabinets and top-of-the-line appliances.


The Chōwa House is beautifully crafted both inside and out, and is a fantastic example of what two cultures with a shared commitment to collaboration and attention to detail can create.

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