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Hose Bibb Too Low? The Best Solution for Low At-Grade Hose Bibbs

Hose Bibb Too Low? The Best Solution for Low At-Grade Hose Bibbs

Is your hose bibb located close to the ground?


Aquor Hydrants can easily connect to your garden hose with room to spare, while reducing the amount of time you spend bent over.


This hose bibb is as low as they go, and the V2+ Hydrant works like a charm.


The Aquor hose connector can be plugged in at 3 different positions.

Note the three “nibs” on every Aquor Hydrant and outlet. The grooves on the hose connector line up with these three nibs.




This allows you to plug in a hose connector in any of the three positions.


One of three Aquor Hydrant connector positions.


Another advantage to Aquor Hydrants is the minimization of time spent bending over, saving your back and knees. 

The Hydrants connect in a second, making outdoor water access a snap by eliminating the need to repeatedly bend over to twist stubborn spigot knobs into submission.


No need to bust your back connecting to this low V2+ Hydrant.


These V1+ Hydrants are sleek and discreet.


Add the easily-accessible water outlets anywhere on your property. You can install them in the wall, in the ground, in planter boxes, on your boat, or on your RV.


The V2+ and V2 Hydrants work well in these low hose bibb locations.


This Boston V2 blends right in.