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10 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Value

10 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Value

Increasing your home’s value may seem like an intangible, daunting task. However, it’s possible with nearly any budget.

Simply start off with smaller tasks that you can undertake yourself, then move on to more substantial projects as you see fit.


Upgrade your Kitchen

Most of us tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It’s a natural gathering place during parties and get-togethers, plus the kitchen is where meals come to life—whether they’re of the gourmet four course variety or in the microwaved hot pocket realm. Since the kitchen is such a central focus of the home, it’s an obvious place to start. Replace old formica counters with smooth quartz, refinish faded, beat-up cabinets, and give impressively old appliances the heave-ho. If you have a modest budget, start off with painting the cabinets and replacing old fixtures and hardware, then go from there. You don’t have to completely revamp your kitchen in one go.


Update Hardware

Are your door knobs and cabinet handles a bit out-of-date? Perhaps they’re peeling or simply an eyesore. Swap in black or chrome options for a modern look, and stick with brushed nickel or vintage glass for a more traditional approach. When selecting your new hardware, aim for consistency while keeping the overall design of your home in mind. Unique hardware may look intriguing now, although it will probably lose its appeal more quickly than standard options. Bonus! You can easily make these changes yourself.


Use Energy Efficient Lighting

Conserving energy by implementing “green” options is becoming more common and even expected in some areas. Taking the time to swap out your old light bulbs for newer, more efficient options will save effort and money later. Now would also be the time to consider what type of lighting is most desirable in each room. Do you want a warm, gentle glow or bright, full lighting? You can also complete this project on your own in a mere day or two.


Swap Out Old Bathroom Fixtures

If you have the means to completely redo your bathrooms, go for it! Otherwise, start with feasible upgrades that will make a big impact. Replace your shower head with a visually appealing option that offers the ideal amount of water pressure. Install sleek new faucets and handles to go along with your shower head and updated hardware. Old handles can become too loose or too tight over time, so take advantage of this opportunity by implementing fixtures that are easy to use and will hold up well. Cheap fixtures usually look cheap and fail to last, so investing in quality products will be worth your time and money.


Replace Tiling

Old tiling, especially in the bathrooms and kitchen, can show a lot of of wear over time. Let’s not even get started on that stained, dirty grout! Select fresh new tiles to give your space more life. Choose options that are easy to clean and won’t stain or crack with day-to-day use. Lightly colored tiles will make spaces appear more open and bigger, while darker tiles tend to hide dirt better. Bigger tiles require less grout, which means easier cleaning. Keeping that in mind, opt for floor tiles with a bit more texture and grip to reduce slipping and falls. Heated floors are always an appreciated luxurious touch.


Clean or Replace Carpets

Carpets can become filthy quite quickly, and stains are inevitable… especially when kids and pets are involved. If you have a smaller budget, get all of those carpets deep cleaned by a professional. No one wants to mistake your cousin’s wine spill for a past murder scene and what do you mean Fifi hasn’t always been potty trained? If you have the budget to replace carpets (and still want carpet), do it. Select off-white options that are comfortable to traverse barefoot but not so comfortable that jewelry and crumbs can easily hide within its depths. You can always choose to replace carpets with hardwood and simply invest in a rug or two for easier cleaning and germ mitigation.


Refinish Hardwood Floors

If you are fortunate enough to have hardwood floors in place, give your wood a little love with a refinishing job. With a little time and money, dull, rough floors can be transformed into glossy, beautiful surfaces. Not only do well-kept hardwood floors look nice, they are also easy to clean. Simply grab a dry Swiffer and get to work. Unlike a lot of carpets and tiles, hardwood rarely goes out of style as well. That carpet is sounding less and less appealing, right?


Paint Interior Walls

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Brighten and open up rooms with white and light gray shades. Little nicks and grimy spots start to add up, so a new coat or two on the walls will quickly transform your home into a cleaner, newer feeling dwelling. With the correct supplies and a little patience, you can paint your own interior walls without hiring a professional—it’s surely a worthwhile project.


Clean or Replace the Roof

Roofs deteriorate over time, just like anything. Not only can old roofs cause interior water damage and leaks, they can also be quite unsightly. A new roof is like a facelift for your home, upping that curb appeal and signaling to potential buyers that you have taken care of your house. Perhaps your roof is in decent shape, it’s just a tad mossy. Hire a professional to clean your roof as well as the gutters. If you skip out on roof cleanup and maintenance, the sooner you’ll have to replace the entire thing, which is not always in the budget.



The yard is usually one of the first things you notice about a home. Is it manicured with applaudable precision, bursting with color and life? Or is it overrun with stubborn weeds and rodents? Your garden doesn’t have to be on par with Martha Stewart’s of course, but a little pruning and fertilizing can go a long way. Trim hedges and bushes that are near the home to avoid smothering and interior darkness. Plant colorful flowers near the entrance of your house in pots or along the pathway, welcoming guests as they approach. Not only do well-tended gardens look beautiful, they can also become an enjoyable, rewarding outdoor project.


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