Ultralight Garden Hose – 50 ft


Easy to use, easy to carry, and made to last – these high-performance lightweight garden hoses are the perfect sidekick to your House Hydrant. Their unbelievably light weight and superior flexibility make them exceptionally easy to engage with the Aquor twist-lock connection. High-tech polyurethane is about 75% lighter than traditional rubber, yet is more durable and kink-free.

Food-grade Polyurethane
Kink-free in all temperatures
75% less weight than rubber
Standard 3/4″ GHT threads

We ship daily from Port Townsend, Washington, via UPS and USPS.

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Ultralight Food Grade Garden Hose

  • Effortlessly Flexible
  • These high-performance polyurethane hoses outclass even the most expensive vinyl or premium rubber garden hoses available at big hardware stores. Flexible in all weather conditions, from hot to freezing cold, they’re the perfect match for Aquor’s twist-lock connection system.

  • Food-Grade Quality
  • Premium polyether-based polyurethane is safe to drink from. These top-quality materials come from Bayer Material Sciences and are engineered for long-term water use, and they’re 100% free from toxic chemicals such as lead, BPAs, and phthalates often found in other hoses.

  • The Perfect Length
  • Quit lugging around heavy reels of long garden hose, and easily carry around just the length you need. With Aquor connectors attached, you can easily link hoses together to make longer ones in seconds. Why drag out your entire 100 foot hose if you just need to water some plants? When you’re finished, disconnect the hoses into smaller sections for easy storage.

  • No Kinks, No Leaky Connections
  • Specially engineered strain reliefs on both hose ends to prevent hose kink at the faucet or nozzle end of the hose. Solid machined brass fittings are chrome-plated for durability, and allow for superior leak-free seals with Aquor connectors and outlets.

  • Distinctive Design
  • Metallic space gray hose provides subtle style and sophistication. From the premium chrome fittings to the handsome polyurethane tubing, this is a designer garden hose you won’t want to stop using.

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