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The Aquor removable faucet makes connecting to your House Hydrant easier than ever. You can use the removable faucet with or without a garden hose attached. Water flow can be regulated via the ball valve shut-off, for tasks such as filling buckets or adjusting sprinkler pressure. The 70° angled handle provides extra leverage for an easier connection.


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The Aquor Removable Faucet adds extra functionality and ease of use to your existing House Hydrant system.

With the 70° downturn angled handle, the removable faucet provides more leverage than the standard Aquor connector, making it even easier to engage. Simply line up the 3 grooves, and ensure the faucet is entering the hydrant straight. Once it catches the grooves, use the handle for leverage and engage quickly into the hydrant.

Use the removable faucet with or without a garden hose attached. By itself, the removable faucet acts like a traditional hose bib. You can turn water on or off using the ball valve, and use the faucet for tasks like filling buckets. The faucet has a built-in aerator for smooth water flow at all pressures. With a garden hose attached, pressure can be easily regulated with the ball valve to control sprinkler range or nozzle intensity.

When you’re done, unplug the removable faucet and nothing but a secure, freeze-proof, hassle-free outlet remains. No leaks or drips, no ugly protrusions, no risks of water theft or unauthorized usage.

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