Mini-Hydrant V1


It’s a short version of our award-winning House Hydrant V1. Uses the same hose connector and connection system as our full-length hydrants. Less than 4″ end-to-end, the mini-hydrant is perfect for any application with limited wall depth. 100% lead-free stainless steel and polymers.


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  • Can be used anywhere a standard hose bibb would be. Same appearance, hose connector, and debris cover as the House Hydrant V1.

  • Marine-grade stainless steel body, polymer internal valve and Viton O-rings. UV-resistant ASA polymer debris cover with EPDM gasket.

  • Ideal for homes with narrow wall depths.

  • Perfect for RV’s, campers, and tiny homes.

  • Extremely durable and rust-resistant, use it on boat docks and other areas exposed to saltwater.

  • Perfect for mild-climate garages, sheds, and other structures.

  • Shorter length means minimal draininage, can be used in some indoor locations.

  • 100% lead-free, BPA-free, non-toxic materials, can be used for clean water supplies.

  • Basic single check-valve backflow protection. Will meet ASSE backflow requirements with an attached inline vacuum breaker (not included).

  • Can be modified to be an inlet, for water tanks or growing applications.


Aquor Mini-Hydrant V1

Stainless Steel Mini-Hydrant with 1/2″ NPT Inlet

Aquor Mini-Hydrant V1

Weather-Resistant Debris Cover w/ 5° Wedge Backplate & EPDM Gasket

Aquor Mini-Hydrant V1

3/4″ Hose Connector w/ Internal Check Valve

Aquor Mini-Hydrant V1

#10 40mm Stainless Steel Mounting Screws

Connect garden hoses instantly.

Forget threading on garden hoses every time you need to access water outside. Just plug in the hose connector, and water turns on automatically.


Does the Mini-Hydrant require installation?

Yes, it is a flush-mounted in-wall outdoor faucet system. It connects to your plumbing inside the wall just like a standard hose bibb or other plumbing fixture. You’ll need to drill a 1.5″ hole and thread in the appropriate 1/2″ NPT plumbing fitting for your supply line type.

For the quickest and easiest installation, we recommend installing with PEX tubing, but copper is also compatible. Make sure to use plenty of teflon tape when threading in your fitting. The optional 90° elbow inlet can be positioned in any direction while maintaining a watertight seal.

What else do I need to install?

You will need a 1.5″ hole saw, a 1/2″ NPT male-threaded plumbing adapter, teflon tape, and a philips screwdriver.

Can I install it vertically?

For vertical installations, we recommend our Marine Deckwash or Ground Hydrant instead. The Marine Deckwash has an impact-resistant swivel cover and mounts directly to a surface (no wedge backplate like the Mini-Hydrant). The Ground Hydrant has a special draining mechanism that allows it to remain freeze-proof.

The Mini-Hydrant is very similar to the Marine Deckwash. The main difference is the cover design. The Mini-Hydrant’s polymer debris cover is engineered for weather resistance and while fairly tough, it is not designed for heavy loads and shouldn’t be walked on. We do offer a stainless steel cover option. You’ll also notice the cover has a 5° wedge that sits behind the hydrant’s faceplate to keep it angled slightly downward. This allows the hydrant to self-drain. The hydrant will operate just fine without the cover installed, but will not drain as well. This is not a problem in warm climates, but not recommended if there is risk of freezing.

Will it provide freeze protection?

If disconnected, the mini-hydrant provides better freeze protection than a traditional brass hose bibb, but is not recommended for cold climates.

More questions?

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