Marine Washdown Outlet


The world’s premiere flush-mounted deck washdown outlet, used by many of the world’s leading yacht builders. A rugged, versatile water outlet that can be used in many different applications. Connect garden hoses instantly, even under full pressure. This professional-grade outlet provides instant water access anywhere you need it. Polished stainless steel faceplate with debossed and painted WASHDOWN label. Heavy-duty hose connector included.


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Aquor Marine Deckwash Outlet


Aquor Marine Deckwash Outlet

Deckwash Outlet with Swivel Cover

Aquor Hose Connector

#10 Stainless Steel Mounting Screws


Aquor Deck Wash Outlet Tech Specs


Does the Deckwash Outlet require installation?

Yes, it’s a flush-mounted outlet that sits within the wall, floor, or other surface you are installing into.

Simply thread in any universal 1/2″ NPT fitting, depending on your type of plumbing (copper, PEX, or other). For the quickest and easiest installation, we recommend installing with PEX tubing. The optional elbow inlet can be positioned in any direction while keeping a watertight seal.

How does it work?

It’s a quick coupler system that engages under full pressure. With the Aquor hose connector attached to your garden hose, you simply push and twist into the outlet. The plunger-valve opens and water begins flowing instantly. There is no screw and flat rubber washer like a traditional brass valve. Viton® O-rings seal tighter under pressure for a reliable water-tight seal, every time. The reliable valve design is designed for decades of zero-maintenance, drip-free use.

Is the hose connector “plastic”? Will it break if I tug on it?

Our material choices are based on 15+ years of experience designing valves for marine applications. Aquor hose connectors are made from acetal resin, a heavy-duty commercial polymer. They can be used daily for years, are nearly crush-proof, and can withstand extremely high water pressures. Traditional brass hose bibs are certified to 100 lbs of lateral bending force. Our straight hose connector has been tested to 200+ lbs without breaking. If you are concerned about impact while connected, consider our Angled Hose Connector or Removable Faucet instead.

What else do I need to install?

You will need a 1.5″ hole saw, a 1/2″ NPT male-threaded plumbing adapter, teflon tape, and a philips screwdriver.

Can I install it vertically?

Yes! We use a heavy-duty swivel cover for this outlet that can be stepped on.

Keep in mind that if it’s vertically mounted, it will not self-drain like our House Hydrants. This isn’t an issue if you’re installing on a boat or someplace warm, but if there’s a possibility of freezing then you’ll want to drain the valve.

How much clearance do I need?

You’ll want at least 4.5″ to allow room for a plumbing fitting to be threaded in. With our optional 90° elbow inlet, only 3.5″ of clearance is needed. It replaces the back half of the outlet, and can be positioned in any direction.

What is the flow rate?

6.8 GPM @ 52 PSI.

Will it provide freeze protection?

Yes, as long as it’s drained. If you install vertically, a small bit of water remains in the outlet. If used in freezing temperatures, you should drain or wipe out the water to prevent ice.

More questions?

For product support, please contact us using our online contact form, or email us directly at

You can also reach us via telephone M-F 9 AM to 4 PM PST at (800) 458-1749.


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